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Shining3D Einscan Pro 2X V2 3D scanner

Shining3D Einscan Pro 2X V2 3D scanner
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Made by Shining 3D, the exclusive partner of Machines-3D in France, one of the leaders of 3D scanners in the world, the Einscan Pro 2X Plus is an affordable, multi-functional, and portable 3D scanner. It allows 3D scanning of small and medium-sized objects in high accuracy and in just a few minutes. Using these 4 different scan modes, you can scan mechanical, art, design parts as well as parts of the body. Its software, included with the machine, allows you to perform your scans in complete simplicity, to visualize in real-time the result obtained, and to export it to formats stl, obj, ply, asc, 3mf as well as p3. It extends its ability to scan in colors with an optional module.



  Maximal accuracy
  Handheld HD Scan: 0.045mm

  Handheld Rapid Scan: 0.1 mm
              Fixed scan with turntable
: 0.04 mm

              Fixed scan without turntable: 0.04 mm


   Possible dimensions of 3D scan
   Minimum 0.2 mm to several meters

    (according to the modes)


   ​Scan speed
  Handheld HD Scan: 10 fps (3 000 000points/s)

  Handheld Rapid Scan: 30 fps (1 500 000 points/s)
              Fixed scan with turntable: <1s per scan

              Fixed scan without turntable: <1s per scan




Discover the Einscan Pro 2X in video

(Developed version: Einscan Pro 2X V2)



Video overview of the 3D scanner Einscan Pro 2X series Shining 3D









A multifunctional scanner with 4 scan modes



Handheld HD Scan



The Handheld HD scan mode allows you to perform 3D scans with high accuracy of 45 microns.













Handheld Rapid Scan



This mode is ideal for performing faster 3D scans of large objects with a maximum accuracy of 100 microns and a scan rate of 30 fps.












Fixed scan with a turntable
(with Add-on Industrial Pack)



The automatic fixed scan mode with turntable allows you to automatically scan small items weighing less than 5 kg. With an accuracy of 40 microns, it is the most accurate one of 4 modes for a scan speed of less than 1 second per single capture. The 3D scan of an object is, therefore, possible in 1 minute 30 only!








Fixed scan without a turntable
(with Add-on Industrial Pack)


The free fixed scan mode without turntable shares the same accuracy and 3D scan speed as the automatic fixed mode. It is perfect for scanning medium-sized objects.
















ADD-ONS (option)





Color capture module


The EinScan Pro 2X V2 Color Pack consists of an RGB camera that can capture the textures and colors of an object. This module hangs on the scanner with great simplicity.











Turntable module + Tripod


This module "industrial" can scan your objects in automatic mode but also in free mode with the tripod alone.





















The Einscan scan software develops its new look.
Its interface and its design have been reviewed in order to offer more intuitive and pleasant 3D scan experience!
Visualize your screen scans in real-time and export your 3D files to formats compatible with your CAD software and 3D printers.










Technical specifications 




Scan modes

Handheld HD Scan

Handheld Rapid Scan

Fixed scan

with turntable

Fixed scan

without turntable


Scan Accuracy

Up to 0.045 mmUp to 0.1 mm

0.04 mm

(Single Shot Accuracy)

0.04 mm

(Single Shot Accuracy)

Volumetric Accuracy

0.3 mm/m (Markers Alignment)N/A


Scan speed

10 fps

3,000,000 points/s

30 fps

1,500,000 points/s

Scan simple: < 1 s

Point Distance

0.2 mm - 2 mm

0.16 mm
Single Scan Range

150 x 120 mm - 250 x 200 mm

Depth of Field

+/- 100 mm

Working Distance

400 mm

Light Source


Texture Scan

NoYes (with Add-on: Color Pack)

Outdoor Operation

Set up the shelter or cover to avoid direct sunlight

Special Objects for

For the transparent, highly reflective or some dark objects, please spray powder before scanning


Output Formats

 OBJ , STL , ASC , PLY , P3, 3MF


Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, 64 bit



Recommended configuration

Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1080 and higher;

video memory: >4G, processor: I7-8700, memory: 64G;


Required configuration

Graphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or NVIDIA GTX660 and higher;

processor: Intel (R) xeon E3-1230, Intel (R) I5-3470, Intel (R) I7-3770

Memory : 8G

Dimension / Weight
Dimension37 x 36.5 x 13.5 cm
Package weight1.13 kg















Q: Is EXSCAN PRO compatible with the EinScan Pro and EinScan Pro+ scanners?

A: No, but EXScan Pro can open the project files created in 2.7 versions. A new version software for EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro + (with the new UI of EXScan) is planned to release in 2019 H2.


Q: Will Shining 3D still support the original EinScan-Pro and EinScan-Pro + after the new release?

A: You mean aftersales support? YES, All EinScan products are still supported the same as we did before. We will continue selling the previous versions of EinScan PRO's for as long as we and our resellers have stock. Once the stock is depleted some units may be available from a soon to be implemented Demo/Refurbished Inventory. Units in this inventory will be sold on a first come, first served basis. Shining 3D guarantees the serviceability of all its EinScan scanners for a period of up to 5 years.


Q: What’s the difference between the EinScan Pro to EinScan Pro 2X or EinScan Pro+ to EinScan Pro 2X+ ?

A: The differences in technical parameters from Pro to 2X or Pro+ to 2X+ are:
- scan speed: new operation mode for handheld Rapid Scan mode: lightning and lightning + refine: scan faster at 30FPS and refine the data during the post-processing. Handheld HD Scan mode: 20 FPS
- Use markers with rapid mode as default (add-on R2 function included in 2X and 2X+)
- better accuracy in Fixed mode: 0.04mm
- improved scanning speed for single scan in Fixed mode.
What remains the same are: multiple scan modes, add-ons, scan method, scan range, maximum point distance


Q: How much better is the volume accuracy between EinScan Pro+ and EinScan Pro 2X+?

A: Volume accuracy for EinScan Pro 2X+: Handheld HD Scan mode:0.05mm +0.3mm/m, Handheld Rapid Scan mode: 0.1mm+0.3mm/m, to maintain good accuracy, you'd better stick markers on the object for scan to reduce the accumulative errors caused by the registration of scanned flat areas. Markers are necessary for all scanning modes when scanning objects without enough geometric features or reducible features.
With the same setting, the accuracy of Pro series and Pro 2X series is close under handheld scanning modes.

Q: Will owners of the Previous EinScan-Pro series get a discount?

A: Regarding the price, please contact our regional offices or resellers for detail information. A Trade-In Program is being implemented momentarily with upgrade options for current users.


Q: Does Shining 3D update markers with the release of new scanners and software?

A: Yes, new markers, easier to peel off, old marker are compatible without settings modification Light-glue markers are now available.


Q: How is the FreeScan Line compared to EinScan-Pro 2X Plus?

A: FreeScan is made for metrology purpose, it uses strong red laser source for scan, which works directly with some mechanical parts with reflective surface. Our FreeScan line of metrology scanners is designed for operation in industrial settings thanks to its rugged construction. Each scanning systems offers its own strengths and advantages, given the users options that can better match his or her needs.




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Customer reviews 06/12/2021
Tres bon scanner !

Content of order


     • 1 3D scanner Einscan Pro 2X V2

     • Software EXScan Pro
     • USB cable
     • Power adapter
     • Power cable

     • 1 Calibration board
     • 1 Calibration board support

     • Markers
     • 1 Marker remover 

     • 1 Cable clip
     • 1 Phone Screen Mount

     • 1 USB drive

     • 1-year warranty

     • Machines-3D Hotline Support

     • Machines-3D premium customer service


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