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Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

Sinterit Atex Vacuum Cleaner
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The Sinterit Atex vacuum cleaner is a perfect solution for efficient vacuuming and cleaning of unsintered powder. The compact dimensions of the device as well as the high suction capacity are crucial if you have limited space. With the ATEX vacuum cleaner, you can clean your workspace with a few simple movements. Eliminate the mess in your workplace and recover 100% of the powder. With the ATEX vacuum cleaner, you can gather the powder spilled during the printout cleaning – both from the workshop and from the printout surface.

Using the Sinterit cyclone powder separator, the aspirated powder is automatically placed in the dedicated container, without the need for manual transfer. Then it can be easily poured into the Sinterit powder sieve, or simply closed and left for further processing.



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Easy and efficient powder recovery





The separator is specially designed for SLS and Sinterit printers.

With the Atex vacuum cleaner, this cyclone separator helps you collect

all the unsintered powder and reuse it in the next print job.

All of the unsintered powder in the print can be placed in a dedicated 12-liter container.

Then the vacuum cleaner can be used in a traditional way to clean the workspace.











Technical specifications


Physical Dimensions

Vacuum cleaner


440 x 420 x 780 mm

Weight25 kg
Capacity of collection unit 40 L
SeparatorDimension550 x 305 x 300 mm

5 kg

Capacity of collection unit 12 L

Other features

Cleaner / SeparatorPower1100 W
Max. air flow (rate)215 m3/h
Noise level77 dB










Contents of order


     • 1 Sinterit ATEX Vacuum Cleaner

     • 1 Sinterit powder separator

     • 1 Set of accessories

     • 1 User manual