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Sinterit Flexa Powders Set

Sinterit Flexa Powders Set
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The Flexa Sinterit Pack includes 12 kg of PA12 Smooth, 4 kg of PA12 Starter, 6 kg of Flexa Gray, and 4 kg of Flexa Bright, allowing you to have all you need so that you can print the flexible models with Sinterit Lisa or Lisa Pro.

  • PA12 Smooth Fresh V2 is a polyamide 12 powder (nylon-based compound) with good mechanical properties and excellent print surface resolution. These properties allow constructions with complex shapes without requiring supports!
  • PA12 STARTER V2 will be used to make your first impressions and can then be mixed with recycling powder for reuse.
  • Gray and bright flexible powders are a TPU material which gives the possibility to create prints with very high elasticity.


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Sinterit powders on video



Video of Sinterit PA12 powder





Video of Sinterit Flexa Bright powder













Example of 3D Printed object with Sinterit powders


PA12 Smooth


Flexa Grey



Flexa Bright







Compatibility of powders

with software versions

MaterialsSinterit studio

Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


PA12 SmoothOOOO
PA11 Onyx *OOOO
Flexa GreyOOOO
Flexa BlackOOOO
Flexa SoftNNOO
Flexa BrightNNOO
Open parametersNONO

                          * PA11 Onyx can be printed only with Sinteirt Lisa Pro 3D Printer




How to refresh the powder











Contents of order


     • 2 x 6 kg PA12 Smooth Fresh V2 Powder

     • 1 x 4 kg PA12 Smooth STARTER V2 Powder

     • 1 x 6 kg Flexa Grey Powder

     • 2 x 2 kg Flexa Bright Powder