Tiertime Filament PVA 1,75mm 500g

Tiertime Filament PVA 1,75mm 500g
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Tiertime's PVA filament is a water-soluble material for the 3D printing support structure. This filament is especially compatible with PLA filament. This material dissolves completely in contact with water, so no chemicals are needed. Once immersed in lukewarm water so that all the PVA disappears, you can then rinse your piece to permanently remove the remaining PVA. Then let your 3D printed part dry. It is indeed advisable to renew the water if you want to speed up the dissolution process. For good conservation of the PVA filament, it is recommended that it be stored in a cool place and protected from light, ideally in an airtight container with desiccant sachets.



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     • 1 Spool of Tiertime PVA filament 500g Natural





Spool Holder (.stl file)