» » » TPC Filament semi-flex Machines-3D - Yellow

TPC Filament semi-flex Machines-3D - Yellow

TPC Filament semi-flex Machines-3D - Yellow
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Weight : 500 gr


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Shore 45D


Each spool is delivered in a vacuum-packed plastic protection with desiccant within a protective box.


The Machines-3D Flexible 45D spool is a flexible rubber filament made from Arnitel®Eco, an organic thermoplastic partly derived from rapeseed oil.  This filament is also characterized by its excellent UV resistance and a very good adhesion between layers.  


This filament is most suitable in printing parts that need to be flexible and often bent.


TPC ? => ThermoPlastic Copolyester


Tips and Tricks


It is recommended that the Machines-3D Flex_45D filaments are used with printers that are of the ‘pull’ system rather than the ‘push’ system to ensure best output quality.  


  • The below parameters are the standard setting recommendations for this filament:
  • Ventilation at 0 - 20%
  • Printing temperature in the range of 230-250 ° C
  • Printing speed in the range of 30-40 mms
  • Heated plate in the range of 0-30 °C + tape(buildtak, 3DLac)



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