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ULTIME Pack 3D printing + post-processing

ULTIME Pack 3D printing + post-processing
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This pack will give you the tools you need to start doing your post-processing in-house. A very good start with hardware in desktop format and quality. 


Start by 3D printing your parts using the UP600 3D printer from Tiertime.

Your parts will then need a finishing tool like the Modifi3D for the sanding, cutting, smoothing or cleaning stage sometimes necessary at the end of 3D printing.


And for the assembly of your parts, gluing will probably be necessary. Cyanoacrylate glue is a hybrid glue that has an almost instantaneous setting (between 90 to 150 seconds). Its functional resistance is reached in 1 hour and its final resistance after 24 hours.


The finish is probably the most satisfying part but also the most messy! Use a suitable space with this paint booth to avoid leaving traces of paint on your tables or floors but also an odor in your room !




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Content of order


     • 1 Tiertime UP600

     • 1 Modifi3D

     • 1 Cyanoacrylate Loctite 3090

     • 1 Paint Booth (option)