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Uniz IBEE resin 3D printer

Uniz IBEE resin 3D printer
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The IBEE is a next-generation consumer 3D printer that offers industrial capabilities at a fraction of the price. Powered by revolutionary 4th generation SLA technology, the IBEE features a collimated light source and a 4K monochrome LCD display. It is the first consumer SLA printer capable of delivering accurate results and high detail, as well as a perfectly smooth finish. 


  49.8 microns (10μm / layer)


  Print volume
  192 × 120 × 220 mm


  Up to 80 mm/h


  Compatible material
  Proprietary resins, third party resins










Uniz IBEE: industrial performance at a consumer price


Thanks to a new generation of high-performance light sources, light can now be diffused into smaller and tighter angles than conventional matrix light sources. This new technique allows for fine and precise detail. The IBEE's light source spreads evenly over the entire printing surface (up to 90% uniform light output). This uniformity of light results in high precision patterns over the entire printing area.









Print example









The precision of the 3D resin printer combined with a large printing volume



The IBEE is capable of delivering industrial grade accuracy and detail. It can achieve a minimum size of 0.2 mm with a very smooth surface and superb detail. IBEE offers 3 times the build volume of other SLA printers in its class, with a total build volume of 192 × 120 × 220 mm. 


  • Low cost of ownership: Resin tray films are optimized for strength and durability. Like any consumable, they must be replaced after a certain number of hours to maintain good print quality. That's why IBEE films are affordable and can be replaced quickly in minutes.













Used in many environments


  • Art / Design: IBEE enables designers and artists to bridge the gap between their complex ideas on screen and the real world creation. With its advanced capabilities, the printed result will be exactly what you dreamed.


  • Enterprise: IBEE is designed for small business owners to get their production off the ground early, boosting mass customization while avoiding the risks associated with manufacturing.


  • Education: IBEE serves as an educational tool for educators from elementary school to university. It creates concrete classroom experiences that facilitate understanding of abstract topics. In the time of a single university lecture (1-2 hours), IBEE is able to complete printing tasks with very accurate results.


  • Amateurs / Enthusiasts: Are you an absolute beginner in 3D printing? Are you passionate about additive manufacturing? The IBEE is perfect for you to print in industrial quality resin for an affordable cost! The printer, slicer and all the materials promise an easy, affordable and fun journey.)









Complete and intuitive software: printing at your fingertips







To democratize access to resin printing, the IBEE teams have created an easy-to-use printing software: the UNIZ Maker. It is designed to be accessible to beginners, but it will meet the requirements of professionals with its advanced functions.
UNIZ Maker has a one-click printing function, so printing has never been so easy.









Technical specifications



Physical dimensions


325 × 325 × 510mm
Weight15.8 kg
3D printing
Technology LCD Stereolithography
Print volume192 × 120 × 200mm
XY resolution49.8 microns
Z resolution25, 50, 100 microns - customisable
SpeedUp to 80 mm/h
NameUNIZ Maker (Mac OS, Windows)
Files typeSTL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF,SLC
Ambiant temp18–28° C
Power100-240VAC, 6A 50/60Hz
ConnectivityUSB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet










Content of order


     • 1 Uniz IBEE 3D Printer

     • 1 bottle of Uniz resin

     • 1 accessory kit

     • Machines-3D assistance

     1-year warranty​