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Vanishing 3D Scanning Liquid AESUB Green 1L

Vanishing 3D Scanning Liquid AESUB Green 1L
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AESUB orange self-volatilizing spray is a long-lasting 3D scanning spray that provides a thin, even coating on the object to be 3D scanned to create excellent contrasts. Thus, the object can be captured completely and very precisely by a 3D scanner. The spray has been specially designed to be able to scan large surfaces and robotic scanning applications. Unlike AESUB Blue, the coating stays on for a very long time, so you don't need to repeatedly spray objects when scanning them in 3D. The green coating of the AESUB spray evaporates automatically after the 3D scan, so there is no need for time-consuming cleaning of the scanned object.
The working environment and the users of this spray are not contaminated by the pigments. By using this spray, you will maximize the efficiency and productivity of the 3D scanning process.


Sold in liquid form, to be combined with a sprayer.


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  • Time and costs savings - no post-cleaning necessary; it sublimates after scanning process and evaporates residue-free,
  • Free of pigments - spray dust does not damage the sensitive technical scan equipment,
  • Reference points stick on the coating,
  • Excellent scannability – clean scan results.








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     • 1 Bottle of AESUB Green spray 1L


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