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Vaquform vacuum forming machine (thermoforming machine)

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Vaquform thermoforming machine
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Machines-3D strives to offer you ever more disruptive and accessible solutions to help you complete your Fablab. In addition to 3D printers, 3D scanners, and many consumables, we offer the latest version of Vaquform desktop Vacuum Former. Vaquform is a manually operated vacuum forming machine that can produce industrial-grade plastic moldings while being compact enough to fit on a desktop. This machine is the first of its kind to provide a user interface that is similar to what you might find in your smart appliances. There are pre-programmed process controls and user sensors that make it easy to use. The powerful ceramic heaters allow you to prepare the plastic sheet in a few minutes, while the built-in hybrid vacuum gives high accuracy and mold detail each production cycle. Affordable, compact and easy to use, Vaquform will appeal to all neophytes for their packaging and design projects. 



  Thickness of the plate
  0.2 mm à 3.00 mm


  Thermoforming dimensions
  280 mm x 200 mm


  Compatible materials
  HIPS - ABS - PVC - PETG - ACRYLIC - Polycarbonate - Polyethylene - Polypropylene - EVA - Kydex












Vaquform in videos



Video presentation of the Vaquform Vacuum Former




Chocolate Molds





Unboxing Vacuum Former Vaquform




Vaquform, Plug & Play Vacuum Former


Choose material from the menu and let Vaquform do the rest!
Just a movement of the hand to thermoform your

objects, whether left-handed or right-handed.










A solid thermoforming machine!



The Vaquform has a heating system in ceramic,

identical to industrial machines costing several thousand euros.












A high-performance Vacuum Former


Vaquform has a new hybrid suction unit on the market.

This two-stage system starts with a high-speed wheel that aims to remove about 90% of the air under the plastic sheet. As an aspirator, it reaches a maximum of -3 PSI. Its second suction layer then takes over to evacuate the remaining air to -12.8 PSI!












Technical specifications


General specification

Dimensions of plate

330 mm x 250 mm

Thickness of plate de 0.20 mm à 3.00 mm
Working space 280 mm x 200 mm
Maximum depth 200 mm
Heating temperature Up to 280 °C
Compatible materials HIPS, ABS, PVC, PETG, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, EVA, kydex
Total width 400 mm
Total height 405 mm
Overall depth

335 mm

Weight 9 kg
Noise level 65 dB
Consumption 110V - 240V   /   50-60 Hz   /   1.32 kW






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good quality product!
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well done


Contents of the order

     • 1 Vacuum Former Vaquform

     • Set of plastic plates
     • 1 tool kit

     • 1 filter

     • Screws and washers

     • Replacement screws and washers
     • Replacement magnet
     • 1 USB cable
     • Hotline Assistance Machines-3D
     • Warranty 2 years included
     • Premium Service Machines-3D




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