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The Z-Insulator is perfectly cut to fit your ZT-HE. This accessory insulates the heating element and is useful for printing PLA and obtaining better results. It also has several advantages :

- Stabilization of the temperature drop caused by the fans when starting your Zortrax M200.

- Possibility of restarting the print faster in view of rapid cooling.

- A better holding of your piece on the board, you will avoid the warping.


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NOTE: The use of Z-INSULATOR is not covered by Zortrax and should be limited to experimental use under surveillance and under the responsibility of the user. Machines-3D will not be held responsible for a lack of result and compatibility between this product and the products under Zortrax manufacturer's warranty.

Content of order


     • 5 isolators

     • 2 high temperature silicone O-rings

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10.00€ +Tx
Product available
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Zortrax M200
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