Zmorph Filament PETG 1,75mm 1kg (3 colors)

Zmorph Filament PETG 1,75mm 1kg (3 colors)
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ZMorph PET-G filament is specially designed for ZMorph printers to ensure exceptional quality. However, our materials are compatible with other 3D printers equipped with a hoted buildplate. PET-G is a rigid material resistant to high temperatures and most liquids. It is very useful for 3D printing containers of all kinds. Its main advantages are dimensional stability, no shrinkage, transparency and good thermal resistance. In addition, PET-G is characterized by good layer adhesion and electrical properties.



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Technical specifications



Tensile strength50 MPa

ISO 527

Breaking stress

2020 MPa

ISO 527

Elongation at Break

23 %

ISO 527

Density8.1 K/J/m2ISO 179








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     • 1 Spool of Zmorph PET-G filament 1kg