Zortrax Filament Z-ULTRAT 1,75mm 800g Ivory

Zortrax Filament Z-ULTRAT 1,75mm 800g Ivory
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The Z-ULTRAT filament of Zortrax is an ABS-based plastic blend designed for durability and excellent surface quality. This filament is ideal for all kinds of high-quality applications: functional prototyping, end-use parts, tools and works of art. Its exceptional hardness allows you to test models in real conditions. Models 3D printed with Z-ULTRAT have better durability than those printed in standard ABS filament, so they will last longer. This material is resistant to high temperatures and impacts, it is also the most ideal ABS plastic of Zortrax filament range which allows you to avoid the effects of warping (heat-related deformation of plastic).
The surface of 3D printed models can be post-treated with acetone and physical treatment. With a diameter of 0.4 mm, the Z-ULTRAT filament is available in different colors divided into four palettes: basic, neutral, neon and pastel.



Compatible with


Available colors














    Examples of 3D printed models

    with Zortrax filament Z-ULTRAT










    The optimal temperature of 3D printing





    Z-PLA Pro 205 - 210 °C30 - 40 °C
    Z-ABS260 - 280 °C80 °C
    Z-HIPS240 - 260 °C80 °C
    Z-ULTRAT240 - 260 °C80 °C
    Z-ASA Pro240 - 260 °C65 °C
    Z-PETG225 - 255 °C30 °C
    Z-ESD270 - 290 °C70 °C
    Z-GLASS240 - 260 °C30 °C
    Z-PCABS280 - 290 °C85 °C
    Z-FLEX220 - 240 °C50 °C
    Z-NYLON250 - 270 °C85 °C


    * This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.










    • Functional prototypes
    • End-use parts
    • Casing prototypes
    • Mechanical parts
    • Tools and spare parts
    • Sculptures and accessories
    • Parts required to be durable and stable over time







    Features of material



    ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene ) is a thermoplastic polymer. It is often used in everyday products (remote controls, LEGOS etc ...). It begins to soften at 90 ° C and melt at 190 ° C. ABS is heat resistant and is quite flexible. It will be suitable for printing small, precise and mechanical parts due to its higher resistance to heat and impacts. The use of ABS requires the systematic use of a heatbed to limit the effects of shrinkage, the main defect of this material.


     ABS contains Styrene, which is emitted during melting in the form of fine particles, which can be dangerous for people with respiratory disorders and whose effects on humans are little known. As a precaution, we recommend you to use careened and filtered 3D printers in order to print in ABS, in dedicated empty spaces or spacious and ventilated place. Otherwise, please consider using the PLA filament, which does not present any known danger for the man until this day.









    Available colors in the Z-Ultrat filament range



    IvoryYellowGreenBlueRedCool grey Black







    Neon yellowNeon greenNeon blueNeon orangeNeon pinkNeon red                     






    Pastel yellowPastel turquoisePastel bluePastel pinkPastel purple  













    Technical specifications



    PropertiesMetricImperialISO Standard

    Flexural Modulus

    1.85 GPa

    268 ksi

    ISO 178:2011

    Izod Impact, Notched

    5.26 kJ/m

    2.50 ft-lb/in2

    ISO 180:2004

    Glass Transition Temperature

    106.40 °C

    224 °F

    ISO 11357-3:2014

    Shore Hardness (D)


    ISO 868:1998











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    Customer reviews
    Number's review: 17
    Product rating: 5/5 note
    Trusted certificate
    Customer reviews 12/11/2021
    Customer reviews 23/12/2019
    Super produit même sur une Raise Pro2 Plus
    Customer reviews 02/10/2017
    ok ras
    Customer reviews 30/06/2017
    Filament de meilleure qualité que celui de Machine-3D
    Customer reviews 06/03/2017
    Trés bon rendu de matière et parfaitement adapté aux grandes pièces
    Customer reviews 27/01/2017
    Ideal pour les impressions en 0.9 ( utilisé sur M200 )
    Customer reviews 26/01/2017
    Très bonne qualité de surface et résistance mécanique très élevée...
    Customer reviews 24/01/2017
    Excellent matériau pour le prototypage rapide.
    Customer reviews 06/09/2016
    en plus du fait que la finition est tres bonne, parfait, les bridges et supports ne marquent pas sur cette couleur.
    Customer reviews 14/06/2016
    Customer reviews 09/06/2016
    aucun défaut , très bon produits sur M200
    Customer reviews 03/05/2016
    super filament
    Customer reviews 24/04/2016
    Excellent filament
    Customer reviews 18/11/2015
    rien à dire de particulier
    Customer reviews 17/11/2015
    Tres bon filament
    Customer reviews 14/10/2015
    Filament de bonne qualité
    Customer reviews 16/03/2015
    Bien, mais trop de retrait dans les premières couches.


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