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Zortrax UV LCD Resin Basic Pigment free

Zortrax UV LCD Resin Basic Pigment free
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Since Zortrax basic resin has a very low percentage of shrinkage and short curing time, it is perfectly suitable for printing highly detailed and precise 3D models. Once a printed model is cured, it could be painted with numerous types of paints. This resin is enhanced for the safety of the health and environment.



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We recommend you to shake and mix the resin well before using.

See also: Dlab resin mixer










Example of 3D printed models

with Zortrax basic resin pigment-free


Technical specifications
 Basic Resin White / GreyBasic Resin Pigment Free

Tensile strength

36 - 52 MPa

35.7 MPa

Tensile Modulus

1.779 - 2.385 GPa

Elongation at Break11 - 20 %3 %
Flexural Strength59 - 70 MPa-
Flexural Modulus1.882 - 2.385 GPa1.56 GPa
Izod Impact, Notched44 - 49 J/m-
Viscosity150 - 200 mPa*s33 - 57 mPa*s
Density1.05 - 1.13 g-
Shrinkage3.72 - 4.24%

2% +/- 1%

Shore Hardness (D)

88 Shore D

82.2 Shore D
Glass Transition Temperature100° C-
Hot Deformation Temperature80° C-
Quantity500 ml ± 5%

500 ml ± 5%




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