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Best sellers
Zortrax M200 - 3D printer zortrax online - Machines-3d
1799.00€ +Tx 1490.00€ +Txmacaron
UP mini 3d printer - pp3d up! tiertime 3d printer - machines-3d
625.00€ +Tx
Up plus 2 3d printer - pp3d up! tiertime 3d printer - machines-3d
1090.00€ +Tx
Up box 3d printer – buy tiertime up box 3d printer - machines-3d
1890.00€ +Tx 1690.00€ +Txmacaron
Makerbot Replicator 2X - Makerbot 3d printers - Machines-3d
2590.00€ +Tx 2490.00€ +Txmacaron
Just Make It 3d printer Kit complet
440.00€ +Tx 249.00€ +Txmacaron
Zortrax pack
1949.00€ +Tx 1740.00€ +Txmacaron

machines-3d is an online shop specialized in 3d printers, 3d scanners and 3d accessories. Our e-shop is selling a wide range of high quality 3d printers in uk and all around Europe. Our 3d printers are FDM technology printers, which means they print according to a slices addition process in order to create the thing you want to. Check out our products and feel free to contact us.


3D printers, 3d Scanners to buy: start your 3d revolution !

Machines-3d is the best 3d printers and 3d scanners online shop. We offer you a wide range of high quality products to make you enter the 3d printing revolution at home. Check out all our products and buy online at cheap prices your 3d printer, 3d scanner, 3d printing pen, 3d printer filaments or all the accessories you need to experiment the 3d printing at home !


The best of the 3d printers!

Our online shop sells the best of the 3D printers. You can find the most famous 3d printing brands and be sure that you will get high quality 3d printers. With machines-3d, be sure to buy 3d printers which will allow you to enjoy terrific 3d printing. Makerbot, PP3DPUp!, Zortax, Formlabs 3d printers are available right here and can be bought in 3 clics ! Create and recreate at cheap prices thanks to our 2nd hand 3d printers!


High resolution 3d scanners!

Because we want you to be able to enjoy 100% of the 3d printing experience, machines3d is the best 3d scanners online shop! Thanks to our high resolution 3d scanners, you can experiment 3d printing at home for the beginning to the end. Scan your accessories by using one of our 3d scanners or mobile scanners and send them to your 3d printer in order to create a perfect copy of them. Shining 3D, Markerbot and Cuby scanners are the two famous brands we offer you there.



3d printing pen, 3d printer filaments and accessories!

Machines-3d is the perfect online shop for an amazing 3d printing experience. In addition to high quality 3d printers and scanners, we offer your all the must have products which will make this experience a true success! In our shop, we offer you a wide range of 3d printing filaments spool, either PLA filaments of ABS filaments; all the 3d printers accessories, spare parts and cleaning products but also the best 3d printing pen ever created! Check those products and push back the 3d printing limits.


3D printing revolution has come! Just Make it