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Constructions-3D House 3D Printing
594000.00€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 180 days
Delivery from 4 to 6 months
Container + Printer + Pump
18.8m Diameter printing Area
Constructions-3D Concrete MiniPrinter Pro 3D Printer
178800.00€ Incl Tax
Concrete 3D printing
Automated pumping system
1200 x 1200 x 1200 mm
Concrete Mini Printer 3D Printer
84000.00€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 1 day
Concrete 3D printing
660 x 520 x 700 mm
Precision : 0.5 cm
18000.00€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 60 days
Test the printability of mortars before construction via 3D printing

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Constructions-3D is a French company that has been designing since 2017 machines that produce structures in 3D concrete printing. The Constructions-3D team develops several machines: The MaxiPrinter, the MiniPrinter PRO, the MiniPrinter EDU and the Constructimètre. The software as well as the materials are developed and mastered internally.


3D printing on site

Our automation solution is optimized to be deployed quickly on site, making it possible to print the works on site, thus minimizing the human and financial risks of construction thanks to advanced repeatability of the process.



The automation of the construction process optimizes the entire building creation chain. This production system also reduces the carbon footprint and construction waste.


Revolution of forms

With the Maxi Printer, you can show more creativity, modernity and freedom in
your creations by making buildings with rounded and textured walls.



3D printing of a colossal 72 m2 pavilion made up of 4 printed concrete walls.



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