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Shining 3D Metrology Freescan Combo 3D scanner
14999.00€ +Tx
Lightweight and portable metrology 3D scanner
Hybrid: Blue Laser and Infrared VCSEL
3D scanning of complex metrology-grade objects
Shining 3D Metrology Freescan UE Pro 3D scanner
21999.00€ +Tx
Available Dispatched within 5 days
- Software for life
- Calibration plate
- Set of markers
- Transport case
Shining 3D AutoScan Inspec 3D scanner
9999.00€ +Tx
Available Dispatched within 5 days
Autoscan scanner 3D
high-accuracy 3D scanning
AI intelligent algorithm
Freescan Trak 3D scanner
Available Dispatched within 21 days
Metrology 3D scanner
High accuracy
Wireless technology

3D Scanner Metrology Measuring System - Machines-3D