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Kimya PETG-S Filament 1.75 mm 750g White
25.20€ Incl Tax
Product available
Mechanical Strenght
REACH and RoHS Compliant
1.75mm / 750g
Kimya PC-FR Filament 1.75mm 750g Light Grey
112.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
Good dimensional stability
Good impact resistance
Compliant with REACH and RoHS standards
1.75mm / 750g
Kimya Filament TPU-92A 1,75mm 750g (Black/White)
43.50€ Incl Tax
Product available
Abrasion resistant
Certified for food contact
REACH and RoHS compliant
1,75 mm / 750g
Kimya Filament ABS Carbon 1,75mm 500g Black (ABS + Carbon fiber)
57.60€ Incl Tax
Product available
Superior mechanical properties
Impact resistance
REACH compliant
1.75mm / 500g
Kimya Filament ABS Kevlar 1,75mm 500g Black (ABS + Kevlar fiber)
58.20€ Incl Tax
Product available
Lightweight ABS
Rub resistance
REACH compliant
1.75mm / 500g
Kimya Filament PETG Carbon 1,75mm 500g Black (PETG + Carbon fiber)
61.20€ Incl Tax
Product available
High rigidity
Ease of printing
REACH and RoHS Compliant
1.75mm / 500g
Kimya Filament ABS-EC 1,75mm 500g Black
59.40€ Incl Tax
Product available
Conductive filament
REACH compliant
Temperature resistant
1.75 mm / 500g
Kimya Filament ABS-ESD 1,75mm 500g (2 colors)
54.00€ Incl Tax
Product available
Easy to print
Protects against electrostatic discharge
REACH and RoHS compliant
1.75 mm / 500g

Buy Kimya 3D filament


Kimya is a brand that has been making waves in the 3D printing world with its high-quality filaments. Based in France, the company specialises in the production of filaments made from a variety of materials, ranging from basic plastics like PLA to advanced thermoplastics like PEEK. Their filaments have earned a reputation for being among the best on the market, thanks to their consistent quality and reliability.


One of the things that sets Kimya apart from other filament manufacturers is their commitment to sustainability. The company favours the use of environmentally friendly materials in its filaments, such as biodegradable plastics and recycled materials. This focus on sustainability has made Kimya a favourite among environmentally conscious 3D printing enthusiasts looking to reduce their environmental impact.


But sustainability is only part of what makes Kimya filaments so impressive. Another important factor is their consistent quality. Kimya goes to great lengths to ensure that its filaments are manufactured to exacting specifications, which means that users can rely on them to perform consistently every time they print. This is essential for anyone wishing to produce high quality 3D prints, as variations in filament quality can lead to inconsistencies and defects in the final product.


Kimya filaments also stand out for their versatility. The company produces filaments in a wide range of materials, including standard plastics such as PLA and ABS, as well as more advanced materials such as PETG, TPU and PEEK. This means users can choose the perfect filament for their specific application, whether they need a strong, durable material for industrial applications or a more flexible material for prototyping.


In addition to their standard filaments, Kimya also offers specialty filaments designed for specific applications. For example, they offer a carbon fibre reinforced filament ideal for producing strong, lightweight parts, as well as a wood-based filament that produces prints with a unique wood grain texture. These special filaments can be a great way to add unique features to 3D prints and make them stand out from the crowd.


Of course, no discussion of Kimya filaments would be complete without mentioning their compatibility with a wide range of 3D printers. The company produces standard size filaments that are compatible with most desktop 3D printers, meaning users can easily switch between different materials without having to invest in new hardware. This allows users to easily experiment with different materials and find the perfect filament for their needs.


Overall, Kimya is a brand worth considering for anyone seriously interested in 3D printing. Their commitment to sustainability, consistent quality and wide range of materials make them a favourite among enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether you are looking to produce high quality prototypes or industrial grade parts, Kimya filaments can help you achieve your goals with ease.



Kimya ABS Filament 

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) is a durable, impact-resistant material commonly used in the manufacture of toys, automotive parts and electronic housings. It is also more heat resistant than PLA, making it a good option for parts that will be exposed to high temperatures. However, ABS can be more difficult to print than PLA because of its tendency to warp. It is therefore important to use a heat bed and housing to maintain a constant temperature throughout the printing process.


Kimya PLA Filament

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a filament material widely used by 3D printing enthusiasts around the world. It is made from renewable resources such as corn starch and sugarcane and is biodegradable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. PLA is known for being easy to print and for producing prints with a smooth surface finish. Kimya produces PLA filaments in a wide range of colours and sizes, making it a versatile choice for a wide variety of applications.


Kimya's TPU material

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a soft, rubber-like material that is ideal for making items such as phone cases, watch straps and gaskets. TPU is known for its high resistance to abrasion, tears and punctures, making it an excellent choice for parts that need to be both strong and flexible. However, TPU can be more difficult to print than rigid filaments such as PLA and ABS due to its tendency to bleed and rotate.


Kimya Carbon Fibre Filament

Carbon fibre filament is a type of composite material that combines the strength and rigidity of carbon fibre with the printability of plastic. The resulting material is ideal for making parts that need to be strong and light, such as drone frames, automotive parts and sports equipment. Carbon fibre filaments are more expensive than traditional plastic filaments such as PLA and ABS, but offer superior strength and rigidity.


PETG Kimya Filament

Polyethylene glycol terephthalate (PETG) is a material that combines the strength and durability of ABS with the printability of PLA. It is impact, heat and chemical resistant, making it the ideal choice for parts that need to be strong and durable. PETG is also transparent, making it an excellent choice for producing transparent objects such as water bottles and spectacle frames.


PEEK, high temperature 3D filament

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a high-performance thermoplastic material used in a variety of industrial applications. It is highly resistant to heat, chemicals and wear, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing parts that must withstand extreme conditions. However, PEEK is more difficult to print than traditional filaments due to its high melting point and tendency to warp. It requires a specialised 3D printer with a high-temperature extruder and a heated chamber to achieve optimal results.



In conclusion, Kimya produces a range of high quality 3D printing filaments made from a variety of materials, each with its own unique properties and applications. Whether you are looking for a strong, durable material like ABS or a soft, rubbery material like TPU, Kimya has a filament that can meet your needs. With its commitment to durability and consistent quality, Kimya is a brand worth considering for anyone seriously interested in 3D printing.

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