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Verbatim Filament Primalloy TPE 2,85mm 500g (2 colors)
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Highly flexible
Good weather resistance
Good shape retention
2.85mm / 500g

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Verbatim offers high-quality 3D filaments for the 3D printing industry. The range of Verbatim 3d filaments includes the most commonly used filaments, ABS and PLA, as well as some specially designed for Verbatim such as PP, TPE, BVOH, or polycarbonate. Filaments are manufactured to strict quality control standards and tolerances to ensure consistent feeding and stable 3D printing. The brand guarantees constant high-quality 3D printing and optimal precision.


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Verbatim's PLA filament is a plant-based filament, very easy to print and commonly used for 3D printing. This material has the particularity of being guaranteed free of heavy metals, phthalates and Bisphenol A in its composition. Verbatim PETG filament is a solid filament with a high level of optical transparency, ideal for prototyping mechanical parts and making containers.


Verbatim's ABS plastic is a tough, rigid filament with high temperature and impact resistance. It is commonly used to 3D print automotive or electrical parts. Verbatim filaments are available in 1.75mm or 2.85mm diameters.


The brand also offers a flexible Verbatim filament (TPE), the Primalloy, for highly flexible and durable 3D prints. High performance with excellent low-temperature properties as well as a high level of hardness that remains stable over a wide temperature range, making it particularly ideal for outdoor use.


Verbatim polypropylene (PP) filament has good chemical resistance and mechanical resistance properties, it can be used for prototyping or light mechanical applications thanks to its excellent strength/weight ratio. The BVOH material, on the other hand, is a Verbatim filament made of butanediol and vinyl alcohol. This high-performance, high-solubility filament in the soluble support material category can be combined with Verbatim ABS, PLA, or PET filaments. BVOH Verbatim dissolves in warm water faster than PVA, saving considerable time in 3D printing complex parts with supports.



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