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Zmorph i500 Dual Extrusion 3D printer
6699.00€ +Tx
Product available
50 microns Dual extrusion
460 x 300 x 500 mm
PLA, ABS, PET, Nylon, TPE...
All-in-One Set of Zmorph Fab 3D printer
2399.00€ +Tx3599.00€ +Tx
Product available
All-in-one 3D solution
3D printer, CNC unit,
Laser engraver & cutter

3d printer: zmoprh, much more than a 3d printer!


Are you trying to buy a 3d printer that can offer more than the classic 3d printers? Machines 3d, the 3d printers & 3d scanners online shop sells you now the brand new Zmorph 3d printers! Our website is one of the few in Europe which can sell online and through its reseller network the 2 different models of zmoprh 3d printers! These 3d printers are much more than 3d printers as you know them: they can 3d print, cut as a cnc milling machine and also do laser cuts and marks. Zmoprh machines are already adopted by schools, companies, professionals which are looking for a real little factory! Zmorph now renews the 3d printer: Makers seeking for multi-tasking, there you go!

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