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Shining 3D AccuFab-L4K 3D Printer
2479.00€ +Tx
Product available
Accuracy at an affordable price
192 x 120 x 180mm
Z: 20 micron / XY: 50 micron
Accufab-D1 Dental 3D Printer
5999.00€ +Tx
Product available
35 microns
144 x 81 x 160 mm
Dental Resin
Accufab-D1 Dental 3D Printer
4499.25€ +Tx5999.00€ +Tx
Product available
25 microns
144 x 81 x 180 mm
Dental Resin
AccuFab-L4D 3D Dental printer
2479.00€ +Tx
Product available
50 microns
192 x 120 x 180 mm
Dental Resin

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About Shining 3D 

SHINING 3D is a pioneer company in the independent research and development of 3D scanning and additive manufacturing technologies. Founded in 2004 in China, the company already holds over 300 patents and more than 100 copyrights. With its ability to design large-scale products and develop advanced scanning technologies, Shining 3D has become a global leader in the 3D scanning ecosystem. 


Digital Dental Technology Solution System

SHINING 3D offers optimal and complete digital dental solutions, from 3D data acquisition through their 3D laboratory scanners and intraoral scanners for clinics. From design with professional dental CAD software, to 3D printing of dental products and orthodontic models. 


International challenges for Shining 3d

SHINING 3D aims to popularise and develop in-depth digital dental 3D solutions, helping dental professionals, clinics, hospitals and other organisations to achieve international digital transformation. 


Shining 3D printers available at Machines-3d



The AccuFab-L4K is a high precision resin 3D printer that improves prototyping capability and shortens the life cycle of new product development. This 3D printer has a high level of printing accuracy ensuring exceptional consistency. It also offers the ability to print an object with an amazing surface finish.






The AccuFab-D1 3D printer is a machine specially developed to meet the needs of dental technicians. From a 3D file, obtained through a 3D scanner or provided by a dentist or orthodontist, it will allow you to print dental prostheses in dental resin or calcinable.






The Accufab-L4D three-dimensional printer has been specially designed to meet the needs of dental technicians, orthotists and dentists. This machine allows you to print your prostheses in dental resin or calcinable from a 3D file obtained through a 3D scanner. To obtain these realizations, the AccuFab is accompanied by a software optimized and dedicated to digital dentistry in order to receive all kinds of resins especially dedicated to the dental field.






The Accufab-D1s is a 3D printer dedicated to the dental field. It allows you to print prostheses in dental resin or clacinable (crown models, implant bars, bridges, metal frames, gutters and other prostheses created in CAD). Particularly precise, you just need to set up your prints in a few clicks and launch them on your machine. With its large print volume (144 x 81 x 160 mm) and high speed additive manufacturing, the AccuFab-D1s is capable of printing up to 4 arch models in one hour and several surgical guides in less than 30 minutes.