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Machines-3D is an online shop for 3D printers, 3D scanners, and the corresponding 3D printing consumables and accessories, able to ship throughout Europe at the most competitive market price and within an extremely short timeframe. (24h in France / Belgium - 48h for the rest of Europe).


Our online store gives you the possibility of buying 3D printers that use the FDM (Fused Deposit modeling) technology, which consists of adding very thin plastic layers which are superimposed to form a plastic object, or the DPP technology (Daylight Polymer Printing) which consists of solidifying layer after layer of resin using an HD screen.


Our selection of 3D scanners, especially Einscan-Pro and Einscan-S, have become the benchmark for professional and educational 3D scanners due to their precision and exceptional value prices. Our Shining-3D dental scanners will also be a valuable asset for all orthodontists, dentists and dental laboratory.


For more information, our hotline is available Mondays to Fridays.


GERMANY : +49.3222.1745.017 / SPAIN : +34.512.703.235 / UNITED KINGDOM : +44.3306.845.045

E-MAIL : info@machines-3d.com


Our online shop is specialized in 3D printers and 3D scanners since 2013. We offer you the best selection of consumer 3D printers and 3D scanners for 3D printing of your favorite 3D items. Browse our catalog and buy the 3D printing tool you need at the best market price. Discover our favorites such as the UpBox of Tiertime, the Liquid Crystal of Photocentric , or the Pharaoh XD Dual Plus of  Mass Portal,  or get a glimpse of our bestsellers like Zortrax M200, the UpMini2 of Tiertime, or 3D Einscan-S scanners and Einscan-Pro of Shining -3D!


When buying a 3D printer: trust the experts!

Machines-3d.com offers numerous 3D printers of high quality and at reduced prices from the best brands in three-dimensional printing! When choosing and buying your 3D printer in order to give life to the items that you want, trust only the experts. By using one of the models of the brands MarkerBot, PP3DP Up! Tiertime, Zortrax, Photocentric, Z-Morph, MassPortal, or Formlabs, you can expect only the best of 3D for the production of objects on your desktop, in the office, in school, in a fablab, or in the industry ... Machines-3D will be there to accompany you!



The best 3D scanner available.

Why not acquire a 3D scanner to complete the loop?
By choosing among our range of 3D scanner brands : Shining-3D (EinScan-S and EinScan-Pro), Makerbot (Digitizer) and Cubify (Sense)--you can scan your items, projects, and even your friends, then print them in 3D using your 3D printer! Our industrial Shining 3D scanners will surprise you with their precision and our consumer 3D scanners will prove as the perfect complement to your 3D printer!



Machines-3d.com is also a retailer for CNC Shopbot. An essential partner to a carpenter, or of a fab-lab, these digital cutting machines can cut wood, aluminum and soft metals in two or three dimensions. Getting started with these machines is fast and easy with our help in installation and training!


3d pens, 3d printer filaments and consumables

Machines-3d.com,is also a wide range of consumables and accessories for your 3D printer or 3d scanner. Our range of filaments include the common ones which are the PLA and the ABS filaments, the special ones such as the wood, carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon, conductive filaments or the ones that dissolve in the form of HIPS and PVA.  The use of our rolls of KAPTON or BLUE TAPE for 3D printers help you push limits of 3d printing at a higher level, in a reliable manner, and at the best price. 


Explore our catalog and also get to know our  3D pens, 3d holograms and many other accessories, promotions and even second hand 3D printer!


The 3D printing is now: Just Make It!



Machines-3D est une boutique en ligne d’imprimantes 3D, de Scanners 3D, ainsi que de consommables et accessoires d'imprimantes 3D, pour la France et la Belgique. Notre site de vente en ligne vous propose d’acheter des imprimantes 3D utilisant la technologie FDM (Fused Deposit modelling) qui consiste à l'ajout de couches plastiques très fines, qui se superposent afin de former un objet en plastique. Si vous souhaitez plus d'informations, un service téléphonique est à votre disposition du Lundi au Vendredi. (France: 03 62 02 40 40 ;  Belgique: 02 31 84 769).


Imprimantes 3D et scanners 3D !


Notre Boutique en ligne est spécialisée en imprimantes 3D et Scanners 3D depuis 2012. Nous mettons à votre disposition la meilleure sélection d’imprimantes 3D grand public et de scanners 3D permettant l’impression 3D de vos objets favoris. Parcourez notre catalogue et achetez l’imprimante 3D qu’il vous faut parmi toutes nos imprimantes 3d et Scanners 3d à prix bas dernier cri telle que l'imprimante 3D Up Box de Tiertime, la Liquid Crystal de Photocentric ou la Pharaoh xd dual plus de Mass Portal.




Pour acheter une Imprimante 3d : faites confiance aux experts !

Machines-3d.com met à votre disposition de nombreuses imprimantes 3D de qualité et à prix réduits issues des plus grandes marques de l’impression en 3 dimensions chez vous ! Faites votre choix  d'imprimante 3D et pour acheter votre modèle et donner vie aux objets dont vous avez envie, faites confiance au experts. En utilisant l’un des modèles d’imprimantes 3D de la marque MarkerBot, PP3DP Up! TiertimeZortrax ou Formlabs, vous exigez le meilleur de la 3D pour la reproduction d’objets au bureau !


Le meilleur du Scanner 3d chez vous.


Pour que l’impression en 3d puisse être réalisée à la maison, nous vous proposons également les meilleurs Scanners 3d, au rapport qualité/prix imbattable. En optant pour nos différents modèles de Scanners 3 d des marques Shining 3D (EinScan-S et EinScan-Pro)Makerbot (Digitizer) et Cubify (Sense), vous allez pouvoir numériser vos objets favoris pour ensuite les imprimer en 3D à l’aide de votre imprimante 3D ! Ne laissez rien au hasard pour scanner vos accessoires grâce à l'achat d’un de nos scanners 3D grand public !


Crayon 3d, Filaments pour imprimantes 3d et consommables.

Machines-3d.com, c’est également une large gamme de consommables et d’accessoires pour votre imprimante 3d ou votre scanner 3d. Notre gamme de filament PLA, filament ABS en bobine ou rouleau KAPTON ou BLUE TAPE  pour imprimantes 3d vous permettra de personnaliser l’impression 3d de vos objets de manière fiable. Parcourez tout notre catalogue et découvrez également notre Stylo 3d ainsi que bien d’autres accessoires !

L’impression 3d, c’est maintenant : Just Make It !

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