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Which Freescan 3D laser to choose? Comparison of Freescan Combo, UE Pro, and Trio models 








Precision metrology reaches new heights with Freescan 3D scanners, devices designed to capture three-dimensional data with exceptional accuracy. This technology enables you to scan a wide range of surfaces and materials with great accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. 


In this article, we take a close look at four flagship models in the Freescan range: the Combo, UE Pro, and Trio. Each of these scanners offers state-of-the-art performance, but they are distinguished by unique features that can influence the choice according to the user's specific needs.





1. Freescan Combo : Compact and Versatile




The Freescan Combo is the compact choice in the range, offering maximum portability. Priced at 14,999 euros, this scanner uses a light technology combining blue laser and infrared VCSEL. Although it is not wireless, its compactness makes it ideal for applications requiring great mobility. Its compact size also makes it ideal for use in confined spaces.






The Freescan Combo for scanning the tightest spaces


Its precise camera angle makes it easy to scan small spaces




A lightweight, compact tool


This 620g device is easy to carry and

comfortable to hold.






The FreeScan Combo can be used for high-precision inspection in reverse engineering, additive manufacturing, and many other applications in a wide range of manufacturing sectors. These include automotive, aerospace, rail transport, heavy industry, moldmaking, casting and foundry, and medical industries.




This lightweight, portable metrology scanner is equipped with four working modes:

Multiple Lines Scan: 13 cross-blue laser lines for global smooth scanning,

Fine Scan:7 parallel blue laser lines for fine scanning details,

Single Line Scan: 1 single blue laser line to obtain deep hole data,

 Infrared light source and large FOV for more applications.









2. Freescan UE Pro : A photogrammetry technology




Even though The Freescan UE Pro and the Freescan Combo models are sharing many freatures, UE Pro distinguishes by the integration of photogrammetry technology, which enhances its volumetric accuracy, justifying its higher price of 21,999 euros. It is particularly well suited to measuring large objects. It is slightly slower than the Freescan Combo (1,850,000 points per second vs. 1,860,000 points for the Combo).





What is photogrammetry ?


Photogrammetry is a measurement technique based on photographs to obtain reliable information on the shape and dimensions of objects. In the case of the Freescan UE Pro, this complementary technology enhances the accuracy and versatility of 3D scanning.

This integrated photogrammetry function enables markers to be quickly locked into position using carbon-fibre standard bars.




This metrology scanner has three working modes:


Multiple Lines Scan 13 cross laser lines to scan large objects quickly,

Fine Scan : 5 parallel laser lines to scan fine details

Single Line Scan : single laser line for deep hole and pocket area scanning.






It supports the scanning of black and highly reflective surfaces, making the scanning process more efficient. With higher-resolution cameras and 5 parallel laser lines, the FreeScan UE Pro can scan objects with complex shapes and recreate details more accurately.


It can be a good choice for the automotive industry, transportation, molding, energy, aerospace, machining...







3. Freescan Trio : A revolutionary metrology scanner of Shining 3D



Shining 3D's Freescan Trio marks a revolution in the field of 3D scanners, pioneering the use of laser technology without markers or tracking bars. It offers innovative features and unrivaled performance.






The Trio is capable of capturing an impressive 3,010,000 points per second, making it the fastest portable 3D scanner in its class. Complemented by a large 650 x 580 mm field of view, it enables more data to be captured over a wider range.




Le Freescan Trio and its four working modes :



In addition to the 98-laser-line mode for markerless scanning, the FreeScan Trio offers a Single Line Scan mode, a 7-parallel-line Fine Scan mode, and a 26-cross-line Multiple Lines Scan mode.


These modes make it possible to handle a wide range of projects in all kinds of industries, giving the scanner the versatility now customary in all SHINING 3D products.


This metrology device also incorporates photogrammetry to offer impressive volumetric accuracy of up to 0.02 mm + 0.15 mm/m, like its sister model the Freescan UE Pro. Whether you need speed or precision on assemblies large or small, the versatile FreeScan Trio is the right choice for all your projects.


Considered a mix between the qualities of the Freescan Combo and the Freescan UEPro, the Trio's technical features make it the most versatile scanner in the range, at a higher price.







Conclusion: making the right choice for your needs


Choosing the right Freescan 3D scanner for your needs depends on factors such as portability, light technology, the need for photogrammetry, and preference for wireless operation. The Combo, UE Pro, and Trio all offer outstanding metrology quality, but it's understanding these subtle differences and your budget constraints that will guide your choice toward the ideal tool for your specific application.







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