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Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
16798.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
Vitesse rapide
Haute précision
Puissant processus d'IA
Communication intuitive
Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
660.00€ Incl Tax
Product available
Compatible with
Intraoral 3D scanner
Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
13198.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
Vitesse rapide
Haute précision
Puissant processus d'IA
Communication intuitive
Dental 3D Intraoral Scanner DDS Comfort+
13200.00€ Incl Tax
Accuracy – 20um (single crown)
Scanning Method – Digital structure light projection
Acquisition – Real time video process scanning
MetiSmile Dental Facial 3D scanner
5998.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
3D facial scanner produced by Shining 3D Dental
Uses structured light technology
0.5 mm accuracy
3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX PRO H
7918.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
3D desktop dental scanner
Best cost-effectiveness
EXOCAD software compatible
3D Dental Scanner AutoScan DS-EX
5988.00€ Incl Tax
EXOCAD software compatible
High quality at reasonable price
Dental AutoScan DS-MIX 3D scanner
10798.80€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 4 days
Autoscan Dental scanner 3D
Ultra-fine Details
Versatile Applications
Scantist 3D Vanishing spray
32.28€ Incl Tax
Product available
Aoralscan Dental intra oral 3D scanner
16788.00€ Incl Tax
Product available
Easy scan
Without powder
[Dentist Pack] Aoralscan 3 + CAD/CAM Software + 3D Printer + Accessories
32672.40€ Incl Tax33104.40€ Incl Tax
Dental equipment designed to meet the needs of the most demanding dentists
[Lab Pack] 3D Autoscan + CAD/CAM Software + 3D Printer + Milling + Accessories
61370.28€ Incl Tax61802.28€ Incl Tax
Ultimate pack of dental equipment for the most demanding dental labs
[Ortho Pack] Aoralscan 3 + CAD/CAM Software + 3D Printer + Accessories
25316.40€ Incl Tax25748.40€ Incl Tax
Orthodontic equipment designed to meet the needs of the most demanding orthodontists
[Discovery Pack] Essential Dental Equipment Graphy + Certification Training
20196.00€ Incl Tax
Uniz NBEE + Tera Harz Cure + Tera Harz Care + Tera Harz Spinner + Graphy TC-85DAC Resin + Trainings
[Expert Pack] Graphy Complete Equipment + Certification Training
26194.80€ Incl Tax
Uniz NBEE + Metismile + Tera Harz Cure + Tera Harz Care + Tera Harz Spinner + TC-85DAC Resin + Trainings

Why buy a 3D dental scanner?

Technological advances linked to 3D dental scanners are bringing about a real revolution in the field of dentistry. An increasing number of dental offices and prosthetists are equipping themselves with the latest innovations in 3D dental imaging. Machines-3D has selected the best dental 3D scanners for professionals in the sector. Our dental laboratory or intraoral 3D scanners have been selected for their high precision, reliability, and ease of use. Our teams have compared and tested all 3D dental scanners on the market to find products that will meet your expectations in terms of productivity and user comfort, at an affordable cost! Our teams are at your disposal to advise you in the purchase of your future equipment. They will be happy to share their opinion and give you a material demonstration.


In just a few years, dental 3D scanners have become the new standard in dental practices. They allow practitioners (dentists, orthodontists, prosthetists) to reconstruct dental occlusions and interact directly with 3D models.


The practitioner can virtually shape the material of a prosthesis to suit the patient's pathology. The files thus created can be sent to prosthetists for the production of digital prostheses. The unrivaled precision of the virtual tools (6.9 microns) reduces the time spent reworking the prosthesis to adapt it to the patient's morphology.


The 3D scanned model can be imported into CAD / CAM (Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing) software in order to make the corrections adapted to patient pathologies. 3D prints are stored in digital files that can be easily shared between the different providers in the dental care chain.

Digital files can also be printed using a 3D printer to serve as study models, surgical guides, or participate in the creation of dental care devices such as stellites (false palates), or occlusal plates (splints ).

Intuitive and accessible, 3D dental scanners provide invaluable help and a significant time saving for practitioners.

The advantages of 3D scanners:

Overcome storage constraints: 3D dental laboratory scanners make it possible to digitize models produced in the traditional way (plaster, silicone, alginate) and thus free up space in the practice. Dematerialization facilitates the management of the patient file.

Facilitates the development of dental movement: CAD / CAM software improves the comfort, speed, and precision of model creation. CAD software like Exocad is a real virtual toolbox that allows you to dig, smooth, and shape a model on a computer. The software transcribes in real-time and with great precision the modifications made by the operator.

Facilitates collaboration: the digital footprint can be easily shared between the various stakeholders in the care process. Sharing a dental arch with a provider is now as easy as sending an email.
Facilitates exchanges with patients: the virtual model improves patient/doctor exchanges. It is now possible to show patients the different stages of dental treatment directly on the screen.
Non-invasive technologies that do not expose patients to radiation: 3D dental scanners improve patient comfort by limiting the use of silicone. Unlike x-rays, 3D dental scanners do not expose the patient to radiation.

Three-dimensional vision: 3D scanners allow you to create precise three-dimensional files, offering more detail than traditional 2D views.

Exceptional precision: 3D imaging provides far more detailed impressions than traditional gypsum and silicone mold-based acquisition methods. Dentists are able to see the different pathologies of the patient, infections, nerves, musculature, and more ...
Flexibility and Speed: The use of dental 3D scanners is faster than traditional methods. In addition to saving time during the acquisition of the dental impression, the digital impression maximizes the entire production chain by allowing digital sending between the dentist and the prosthetist, or even the creation directly in the office of stellites.


The different types of 3D dental scanners

Intraoral scanner

Intraoral 3D dental scanners (IOSs) are hand-held devices used to capture dental impressions directly in the patient's mouth. These are mainly cameras that project light onto an object to be scanned such as a dental impression in order to obtain a 3D model. Our 3D dental scanners are designed to be lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to use.


The team's choice: the Aoralscan dental intraoral 3D scanner


Thanks to its design designed for dentistry, the Aoralscan Dental Intra-oral 3D Scanner will allow you to perform quick and convenient scans of your patients' teeth. This type of scanner improves the comfort of the patient, like that of the doctor.

Laboratory scanner (mold scanner)


Laboratory 3D dental scanners (or mold scanners) work like traditional desktop 3D scanners and allow scanning of objects outside of patients' mouths. The desktop 3D scanners work by combining cameras, light and a turntable. They allow to capture various types of dental objects such as prostheses, dental arches, implants or casts (plaster, silicone). The digitization of these objects facilitates the work of modification and production of the practitioners. Dematerialization also improves the sharing and storage of fingerprints.


The team's choice: the Shining 3D AutoScan DS-EX PRO S 3D scanner


The Shining 3D AutoScan DS-EX PRO S 3D scanner is able to scan your impressions and dental models in seconds. Thanks to the use of standard data formats (STL and OBJ), it is compatible with all CAD-CAM software on the market (EXOCAD, etc.), as well as with dental 3D printers and milling machines.



Machines-3D offers you the best dental 3D scanners

  • Machines-3D offers the best precision dental 3D scanners in the oral industry.
  • Enjoy a wide choice of new or used (reconditioned) models at competitive prices.
  • Training and assistance for the purchase of a Shining 3D AutoScan DS-EX PRO S dental 3D scanner; AutoScan DS-EX Pro, AutoScan DS-EX with fast delivery.
  • And always, the guarantee of after-sales service and assistance of recognized quality carried out in our premises located in France (in Valenciennes). 24 hour delivery on our products in stock. Expert advice in additive manufacturing.



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