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Founded in 2014, Sprintray is a supplier of quality resin 3D printers, optimized for dentistry. Like Machines-3D, Sprintray believes that accelerating and adopting additive manufacturing in dentistry can improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals. Their goal today is to create pleasant, user-friendly and powerful products to help dental technicians take advantage of the possibilities offered by 3D printing, until it becomes an integral part of their workflow.



Sprintray Brand Features

Advanced technology

Thanks to the patented technology, the Sprintray Pro of the Sprintray range is the fastest machine on the market and will thus meet your needs for large production of dental prostheses.


Small and large format machines

Whether it is to make simple dental arches or precise stellites, you will simply find what you are looking for among this range of machines.


Optimized dental resins

To accompany your resin 3D printer, Sprintray offers you a complete range adapted and perfectly compatible with its machines. These are still compatible with non-proprietary DLP resins.


Easy handling

The new Sprintray software, the design of these machines and their interface contribute to a pleasant and intuitive handling. Machines that can be apprehended by any neophyte in just a few hours.


Video projector printing technology

With Sprintray, the resin is light-cured by a video projector, a feature that improves printing speed by hardening the resin layer by layer. In addition, video projectors last longer than screens or lasers.


Dental Production Assistant

Sprintray tools are designed to be integrated into your practice and become your best allies for the rapid production of dental prostheses, at reduced costs and easy to design.



Sprintray software, Rayware

- Easy to use, Plug and play with optimized print settings
- Printability control
- Advanced dental CAD features
- Support structures optimized for waste reduction
- Automatic repair of 3D files
- Added named tags based on file (dental)
- Save resin settings
- Compatible with multiple file formats
- Accurate media overview
- Accurate slicing preview
- Estimation of time and material consumed