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Basic maintenance package - STARTER

Basic maintenance package - STARTER
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This pack will give you the tools you need to start doing your in-house maintenance. A very good start with quality desktop format material.





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Imprimante 3D Scanner 3D


The Tiertime UP300 is designed for users looking for large print sizes and consistent quality regardless of the materials used. It features a new type of reversible tray, perforated on one side and glass on the other. Its proven accuracy and reliability make the Tiertime UP300 one of the most widely used 3D printers in the industrial and dental sectors.


The 3D scanner EINSCAN-SP is more precise and scans faster and larger! Just like the Einscan-SE, the 3D scanner Einscan-SP offers an intuitive scanning experience. The scan is 2 times more rapid and it enables the scanning of mechanical pieces with a precision of up to more than 50 microns (0,05 mm)! 


Filament Accessory


FibreX™ PP+GF30 filament is made using a 30% glass fiber reinforced polypropylene copolymer formulated specifically for 3D printing. The formulation offers improved thermal properties and lower shrinkage and deformation compared to competing for PP-based compounds.

Reinforcing this proven engineering polymer with glass fiber can truly enhance industrial applications.



The professional filament dryer offers a quick and easy way to remove moisture from the filaments for better 3D printing quality. It works with 1.75mm and 3mm diameter filaments of any filament material.










Content of the order


     • 1 Tiertime UP300

     • 1 Shining 3D Einscan-SP

     • 1 Steel nozzle 0.4 mm

     • 1 3DXTech PP+GF30 Filament

     • 1 Tiertime Dryer Filament