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Concrete Mini Printer 3D Printer

Concrete Mini Printer 3D Printer
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The constructions-3D Mini Printer helps to understand the issues of 3D printing of concrete structures through its simple and intuitive way. With an expert team, an easy-to-use software compatible with all 3D design software and a machine with a mechanical structure optimized for the concrete environment, start your concrete 3D printing with ease!


  0.5 cm


   Print dimensions
   660 x 520 x 700 mm


   Print speed
   Up to 300 mm/second


  Compatible Materials
  Mortars, plasters, glues



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Experts at your disposal




The Constructions-3D team is at your disposal to bring you their expertise in the field of 3D concrete printing.

Our team follows you through your projects from the beginning until you become an expert

in the field of 3D concrete printing and you can use the Mini Printer independently!


Contact : info@constructions-3d.com /  +33 3 74 01 03 75 / www.constructions-3d.com









A perfect tool for research and development




You are in the research and development department and want to test your materials via 3D printing?
By virtue of the Mini Printer manufactured by the French company Constructions-3D, you will be able to know 80 to 90% of the actual constraints related to 3D printing concrete.









Accurate and fast




The Mini Printer allows printing with an accuracy of 0.5 cm on a workspace of 660 x 520 x 700 mm!









R-Snake - Concrete Design object












Customer Case - Hennebique school in Liévin












Technical specifications



Pumping system
Pumping system                       Pump to extruder
Compatible material type Mortars, plasters, glues
Filing the pump Fixed portions of input material
Input voltage 230 V
Maximum transport pressure 30 bars
Maximum transport distance 30 m
Power required for pump 4kW, 230V, 50Hz
Usual flow of material 5L / min
Maximum flow 50L / min
Minimum flow 1L / min
Maximum particle size 6 mm
Compatibility with fiber Yes, up to 25 mm and 2% by weight
Mini Printer
Accuracy 0.5 cm
Print dimensions (XYZ) 660 x 520 x 700 mm
Print speed Up to 300 mm/s
Input voltage 220V single phase
Constructions-3D Materials
Type Specific mortar based on cement / dry material
Minimum ambient temperature + 5°C
Maximum ambient temperature +35°C
Time to dry/set at 20 °C 30 min
Tensile strength 12 Mpa
Compressive mechanical strength 75 Mpa
Granule size 0 - 2 mm
Displacement in ABRAMS cone 2.5 cm
Density 2.2
Displacement under tension 75kN < 0.6 mm
Content Big bag of 1.2 T ou bags of 25 kg

12 months from the date of manufacture, in its original unopened packaging

Quantity of water per 100kg of material 12L






Contents of the order

  • 1 Mini Printer 3D Printer
  • 1 automated pumping system
  • 1 slicing software
  • Follow-up and technical advice for 1 year​




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Technical data sheet (EN)