Kimya Filament PETG Carbon 1,75mm 500g Black (PETG + Carbon fiber)

Kimya Filament PETG Carbon 1,75mm 500g Black (PETG + Carbon fiber)
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Kimya's PETG Carbon filament is made of PETG and carbon fibers. The enrichment of PETG with carbon fibers offers high mechanical properties. Thanks to its rigidity, PETG Carbon is appreciated for the production of specific mechanical parts, particularly in the automotive or paramedical field. This filament is REACH and RoHS compliant.



Compatible with

  • Most 3D printers with a heated bed



  • For optimal quality, we advise you to print the ABS Kevlar filament between 240 and 260°C, at a speed of 40 to 70 mm/s, while taking care to print the first layer at reduced speed. As for the heating bed, it is advisable to print the filament between 80 and 100°C by adding a spray or ribbon and a raft to the printing plate in order to avoid any shrinkage or warping problems.
  • The carbon fibers make this PETG abrasive, so we advise you to print it using a reinforced steel nozzle or ruby nozzle. Black Carbon PETG is also UV sensitive. For good preservation of its properties, be sure to store it at room temperature, away from light and humidity.







Technical specifications




ISO Standard

Elongation at Break

3.4 %ISO 527

Tensile modulus

4015 MPa

ISO 527

Flexural modulus

2987 MPa

ISO 178

Shore Hardness


ISO 868











Content of the order


     • 1 Spool of Kimya PETG Carbon Black 500g

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