» » » Lattice Services Filament PC 1,75/2,85mm 500g Clear with blue reflections

Lattice Services Filament PC 1,75/2,85mm 500g Clear with blue reflections

Lattice Services Filament PC 1,75/2,85mm 500g Clear with blue reflections
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Lattice Services' PC filament is a medical grade polymer made from high quality Polycarbonate [PC].

Polycarbonate is an amorphous thermoplastic known for its high strength and resistance to high temperatures.

Lattice Services' PC filament is made from pellets that meet ISO 10993-5 certification for skin contact, is autoclavable and can be used in the operating room for guided surgery. This filament is generally used for printing 3D parts such as surgical guides and cutting guides or medical instruments.





We recommend using enclosed 3D printers with a heating plate that can reach up to 100 degrees, and can accommodate 1.75mm or 2.85mm filament.

For best quality, we recommend printing with Lattice Services PC filament [KR1] at 255°C to 275°C, at a speed of 20mm/s to 40mm/s [KR2] and a heat platen between 120°C and 140°C.



















  • Autoclavable surgical and cutting guides
  • Tubing connection components Medical instruments















Lattice Services





​Specialized in tissue engineering and 3D printing, Lattice Services offers innovative solutions to medical device manufacturers, public and private biomedical researchers in relation to medical grade 3D printing filaments that are biocompatible, implantable and resorbable. Lattice Services has been providing its know-how and expertise for in vitro and in vivo applications for 4 years.
The company also provides solutions to improve tissue engineering and regenerative medicine using 3D printed bio-resorbable scaffolds. After surgery, severe burns, chronic injuries and accidents, traumatized soft tissue needs to be repaired.
In collaboration with the Lille University Hospital, Lattice Services provides product design, R&D services and various solutions for soft tissue engineering and regeneration. Together with textile manufacturing partners, it also develops textile matrices that are obtained by the Leavers method.













Technical specifications



Mixing rangeAmorphous
Glass transition135-155°C
Temperature degradation>300°C
Maximum traction60 MPa
Elongation at break15%
Nozzle temperature255-275°C
Buildplate temperature120-140°C
Print speed20-40 mm/s
Cooling fan speed0-5%

* This information is provided by the manufacturer as a guide only. Nozzle and platen temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.






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