» » » Machines-3D ABS+ filament 1,75mm 700g Blue Sky

Machines-3D ABS+ filament 1,75mm 700g Blue Sky

Machines-3D ABS+ filament 1,75mm 700g Blue Sky
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The ABS Plus Machine-3D filament is a high-quality filament with little sensitivity to heat deformation (warping), it provides an excellent surface finish on your 3D printed parts while respecting their measurements. ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) is a thermoplastic material that is widely used in general industry due to its excellent impact resistance. It will be suitable for printing small precise parts in their design, or mechanical parts by its higher resistance to heat and stress. Its special formulation falls down bad smells and it is adopt both by makers to professional users. The use of ABS requires the systematic use of a heatbed to limit the warping effects of the plastic on the base of the 3D part. The Machines-3D ABS has an attractive price and above all a wide range of colors!




  • For optimum quality, we recommend that you set your extrusion temperature from 245°C to 265°C for this filament, while the heater plate should be set between 90°C and 110°C.
  • ABS contains styrene, which is emitted during melting in the form of fine particles, which can be dangerous for users with respiratory disorders and whose effects on humans are little known. As a precaution, we advise you to choose seamless and filtered 3D printers to print in ABS, in dedicated or airy empty spaces.









Optimal printing temperatures





PLA M3D200 - 215 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PLA Plus M3D190 - 220 °C

30 - 50 °C (not necessary)

ABS M3D235 - 255 °C80 - 110 °C
ABS Plus M3D245 - 265 °C90 - 110 °C
Smart ABS M3D240 - 250 °C90 - 110 °C
TPC Semi-flex M3D220 - 250 °C30 - 70 °C
PET M3D220 - 240 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
Nylon M3D240 - 250 °C70 °C
Nylon Carbon fiber M3D250 - 265 °C60 - 70 °C
Nylon Glass fiber M3D250 - 265 °C60 - 70 °C
PLA Wood200 °C30 - 40 °C (not necessary)
PCABS M3D280 - 290 °C85 °C
PLA Conductive M3D215 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PVA Hydrosoluble210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
ABS Flame retardant240 - 260 °C100 - 110 °C

* This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.











  • Prototypes
  • Concept models
  • Low-cost drafting
  • Figurines
  • Gaming and toys
  • Gadgets and decorative accessories
  • DIY projects
  • Educational aids











All available colors of Machines-3D ABS Plus filaments








Technical specifications



PropertiesMetricISO Standard

Flexural modulus

2100 MPa

ISO 178

Tensile Modulus

2150 MPa

ISO 527-2

Vicat Softening Temperature

102 °C

ISO 306/B50


1,05 g/cm3

ISO 1183B








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