Machines-3D Filament PTEG Clear 1,75mm 1kg

Machines-3D Filament PTEG Clear 1,75mm 1kg
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Recycled PETG filament is a filament made with recycled plastic from food packaging (>98% recycled). It offers exceptional mechanical properties, it is less sensitive to temperature variations. It can be used for all kinds of 3D printing projects: functional prototyping, tooling parts, educational or visual models. Thanks to its resistance to wear and friction and its excellent interlayer bonding, Machines-3D PETG filament provides you with solid and durable parts over time.




  • The Recycled PETG filament spool comes without a spool holder. We therefore recommend that you 3D print a suitable spool holder in order to be able to use it correctly. The 3D file is available in the 'documentation' section.
  • For optimal quality, we advise you to print the PETG Machines-3D filament between 230 and 250°C, at a speed of 20 to 100 mm/s, and a heating bed between 70 and 90°C.








Optimal printing temperatures





PLA M3D200 - 230 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PLA Plus M3D200 - 230 °C

30 - 50 °C (not necessary)

ABS M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
ABS Plus M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
Smart ABS M3D250 - 280 °C80 - 130 °C
TPC Semi-flex M3D210 - 250 °C30 - 60 °C
PETG M3D230 - 250 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
Recycled PETG M3D

230 - 250 °C

70 °C - 90 °C

Nylon M3D230 - 260 °C70 °C
Nylon Carbon fiber M3D240 - 260 °C80 - 130 °C
Nylon Glass fiber M3D240 - 260 °C80 - 130 °C
PLA Wood200 °C30 - 40 °C (not necessary)
PCABS M3D280 - 290 °C100 - 130 °C
PLA Conductive M3D210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
PVA Hydrosoluble210 - 220 °C30 - 50 °C (not necessary)
ABS Flame retardant240 - 260 °C100 - 110 °C

* This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.












  • Industrial tools and parts
  • Parts required to be resistant to salts, acids, alkalis, solvents, greases, and oils
  • Mechanical components
  • Working mechanisms
  • Crash tests










Technical specifications


PropertyValueTest method

Tensile strength

55 MPa (8000 psi)


Tensile Modulus

1900 MPa (2.8 x 105 psi)


Elongation at break

400 %


Deflection Temperature

70 °C


Glass Transition Temperature82 °CDSC


1.27 g/cm

ASTM D1505



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Customer reviews 23/06/2022
Équipe réactive sur les soucis que j'ai pu avoir avec cette bobine ! Parfait !


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