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Machines-3D takes part in the fight against COVID-19



Thanks to the initiative of doctors at the hospital of Ath in Belgium, here is the result of our work to allow the use of a ventilator for two patients affected by the #COVID19.



We printed the 12 first flow dividers. Those are already being tested in real conditions to respond to the emergency. We are making the .STL file of the divider available to all professionals in the health sector wanting to use it to double the capacity of their ventilators. We're launching our machines to manufacture the dividers and we are calling on all makers able to print waterproof parts to join us in this effort (we used Z-HIPS or Z-PETG filaments).



The parts will be treated with a hydrogen peroxide sterilization (which will be validated within a few hours) and each patient pipe receives a HEPA filter. Controlled pressure tests are conclusive. They also seem to be working in controlled volume. We hope that as many hospitals as possible, in France, Belgium, and everywhere else, will be able to benefit from this idea in case of overload of CPR services.



We would like to extend our thanks to Frédéric Rochart (RHMS Ath) and Serge Lowagie (CEO of Proxylab) for their dedication and knowledgeable expertise in this project. This collaboration is a perfect example of how 3D printing can find relevance in the field of medicine when we work hand-in-hand with those that are knowledgeable in that field.



We will update you on our Facebook page with all the information we can give you to save as many lives as possible by doubling the capacity of the respirators.



Link to STL file: