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Pack "START" Machines-3D START + Creality CR-SCAN 01

Pack START Machines-3D START + Creality CR-SCAN 01
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Create your own 3D ecosystem with the Creality CR-SCAN 01 3D scanner and Machines-3D START 3D printer. With these two machines, you will be able to simply scan a physical object in 3D and duplicate it endlessly with ease. Our affordable 'START' package is designed for beginners or education professionals looking for ease of use.

The Creality CR-SCAN 01 3D scanner is a desktop 3D scanner that offers two different scanning modes (handheld scan and fixed scan with a turntable). It can scan objects in color and with textures. The files are saved in .stl or .obj format so that they can be printed directly.

The Machines-3D START 3D printer will then allow you to print these 3D files with ease. You can print in series in a safe environment at home or in schools, thanks to the exclusive use of PLA plastic filament and its totally enclosed enclosure.



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M3D START, a high-tech 3D printer



  • Automatic detection of the door opening: Automatic interruption of the printer for safety and reliability reasons during the printing.
  • Launch of the 3D prints through Wi-Fi, USB stick, or USB cable.
  • Filament run-out detection: Automatic interruption of the printer and menu display which allows changing the empty filament spool into a new one.

  • Automatic calibration of the build platform.
  • Dedicated software entirely in French/English.











Simplicity and reliability



Thanks to the exclusive use of PLA, you can become a serial printer by making prints in a secure environment at home as well as in schools. If you are looking for an ABS quality, you can print your items in PLA+ without any difficulties.



3D print of a T-Rex skull in 100 microns














Creality CR-SCAN 01: Multi usage of 3D scan

Handheld mode
Handheld scan mode allows you to scan larger objects with good 100-micron accuracy. The Creality CR-SCAN 01 scanner can scan objects of different sizes without putting the marking bridges.
Turntable mode
The automatic scan mode with the turntable and tripod dedicated to this 3D scanner is designed to automatically 3D scan small and medium-sized objects. It allows obtaining ost complete results in a few clicks.



Contents of order


     • 1 Machines-3D START
     • 1 magnetic build plate
     • 1 250g PLA filament Black

     • 1 250g PLA filament Blue
     • 1 USB key with user manual and software
     • 1 filament guide
     • 1 European power cable

     • 1 USB cable

     • 2 years warranty​


     • 1 3D scanner CR-SCAN 01

     • 1 tripod

     • 1 turntable

     • 1 turntable panel

     • 1 power cord

     • 1 turntable control cable

     • 1 data cable

     • 1 8G USB drive

     • Magic Swift software

     • 1-year warranty