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Perforated Plate (M-PB-3) UP Mini 2 / UP Mini 2 ES

Perforated Plate + flex UpMini1 / UpMini 2
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This perforated plate is specially designed for the Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES and UP Mini 2 3D printers. On this latest version, a flex adhesive sheet which is included with the plate will allow you to print without raft for cleaner printing. The flexible adhesive sheet conducts heat more evenly across the surface of the plate; the 3D printed models adhere better to the plate and are easily removed at the end of printing.


Note that the perforated plate is one of spare parts intended to wear out, we recommend that you replace it every 5 kilos of printed material so as not to affect the quality of your 3D prints.




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Customer reviews 21/01/2018
Le plateau vendu est plus epais que l'ancien, de fait il ecarte les 'attaches' de la machine, ainsi apres cette deformation le plateau d'origine n'est plus tenu en place et ne peut plus etre utilisé, tres décevant.


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     • 1 perforated plate

     • 1 adhesive flex sheet