(PROMO) NextDent Resin Try-in TI1

(PROMO) NextDent Resin Try-in TI1
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NextDent Try-In resin is a biocompatible Class I material suitable for printing Try-In devices, a baseplate combined with the individual designed tooth setup, to check to bite registration and occlusion. 



The best-before date for this resin has expired.

The resin can be used longer than the optimal date, depending on the handling, use, and storage conditions for which it is recommended. Keep it tightly closed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place. Before using it, be sure to shake it well for several minutes. If there are bubbles due to agitation, pour the resin into the resin tank and leave it for about 20-30 minutes for the bubbles to disappear.



We recommend you to shake and mix the resin well before using.

See also: Dlab resin mixer












Technical specifications



PropertyRequirementResultISO standard

Flexural modulus

≥ 1500 MPa1882

ISO 20795-1

BiocompatibilityNon-cytotoxicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNon-mutagenicComplyISO 10993-1
BiocompatibilityNot a sensitizerComplyISO 10993-1

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     • 1 Bottle of NextDent Try-in TI1 resin


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