(PROMO) Sinterit TPU Flexa Soft powder 2kg

(PROMO) Sinterit TPU Flexa Soft powder 2kg
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The Sinterit TPU Flexa soft powder (light grey) is a material with good quality surface and feature details at the same time. This powder gives an excellent surface finish and adjustable hardness. It's100% reusable and could be used for flexible parts or objects, medical devices, fantoms, cable jacketing, etc.

To consume preferably before the month of April 2021.

The powder can be used longer than the optimal date, depending on the recommended conditions of handling, use, and storage. Keep containers tightly closed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.




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Example of 3D Printed object with Sinterit TPU flexa soft powder





Compatibility of powders

with software versions

MaterialsSinterit studio

Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


Sinterit Studio


PA12 SmoothOOOO
PA11 Onyx *OOOO
Flexa GreyOOOO
Flexa BlackOOOO
Flexa SoftNNOO
Flexa BrightNNOO
Open parametersNONO

                          * PA11 Onyx can be printed only with Sinteirt Lisa Pro 3D Printer


Technical specifications
General Information
Material typeTPU                         
Granulation50 - 80 [μm] 
ColorLight Grey
Material refreshing ratio0 %
Compatible withLisa, Lisa Pro
Tensile Strength1.8 MPa
Elongation at Break137 %
Shore hardness in type A scale45 / 56
Thermal properties 
Softening point (Vicat method type A50)60.0 °C
Melting point150 °C
Printout density0.70 g/cm³






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     • 1 x Sinterit TPU Flexa powder 2kg soft