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(Promo) SprintRay DLP Resin Yellow

(Promo) SprintRay DLP Resin Yellow
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This Sprintray DLP Resin Yellow is ideal for restorative mockups so patients can see all the details of their treatment plans with an aesthetically pleasing and clean look. The color also lends itself well to orthodontic and study models, where its contrast really shines.


To consume preferably until the end of 2019.

The resin can be used longer than the optimal date, depending on the recommended conditions of handling, use, and storage. Keep the materials tightly closed in a dry, cool and dark (out of sunlight) place.


Compatible with

Note: The new Sprintray resins are compatible with Rayware Software version 3.4 or higher. It is also necessary to have a dongle, supplied with recently purchased Moonray 3D printers. If you are not in possession of a recent Moonray 3D printer, and would like to receive a dongle, contact us at nicolas@machines-3d.com or info@machines-3d.com.



We recommend you to shake and mix the resin well before using.

See also: Dlab resin mixer







For obtaining best results with this resin,

please follow these instructions as below exactly as described once the model is printed.






Clean your 3D printed part using 99% isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. We recommend either 5 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner or 10 minutes submerged in alcohol.




Rinse your printed part using fresh isopropyl alcohol twice.




Dry your printed part with compressed air.




Post-cure your printed part in a 100W curing chamber for at least 30 minutes, or in a 120W curing chamber for at least 10 minutes.  











Content of order


     • 1 bottle of DLP Sprintray resin Yellow





Software RayWare Version 3.40