Raise3D Filament TPU 1,75mm 1kg (2 colors)

Raise3D Filament TPU 1,75mm 1kg (2 colors)
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Raise3D Filament TPU-95A (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a flexible and elastic 3D printing material. Its rubber-like elasticity, resilience and durability make it suitable for uses requiring shock absorption and a soft surface. TPU-95A has a wide range of applications including insoles, tubes, seals and bushings.




  • For optimal quality, we advise you to print Raise3D's TPU filament between 210°C and 230°C, at a speed of 25 mm/s to 50 mm/s and a heated bed between 25 and 60°C leaving turn the cooling fan. Rafting is not recommended for TPU. Optimize throughput and print speed for better soft filament feeding and extrusion. It is also recommended to dry the TPU filament before printing in a filament dryer.
















  • Gaskets, tubes

  • Protective cases

  • Shoes and soles

  • Bushings, seals

  • End-use parts











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     • 1 Spool of Raise3D filament 1,75 mm 1 kg