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Resin Photocentric Daylight PRO Tough Amber

Resin Photocentric Daylight PRO Tough Amber
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Photocentric Daylight ProTough Amber Resin is ideal for making objects where you want flexibility and strength. Thick objects are stiff, but they can be folded and stressed, before returning to their original shape. Daylight Pro Tough Resin gives you the ability to 3D print large, functional parts on your Liquid Crystal Pro 3D printer. It has high tensile shear properties and high elongation. Objects can be bent with medium to high force. You'll enjoy the benefits of fast exposure times and wide exposure latitude, allowing you to keep the finer details your machine can deliver. Parts printed with this resin are easily cleaned with hot water.


Compatible with


  • Photocentric Liquid Crystal Pro



We recommend you to shake and mix the resin well before using.

See also: Dlab resin mixer






Technical specifications



Resin Photocentric Daylight Pro Tough

Tensile strength

10 MPa

Elongation at break

50 %


600 cPs 

Density 1.10 g/cm3


80 Shore D

Storage temperature 10 - 50 °C
Quantity 5 kg





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     • 1 bottle of Photocentric Pro Tough Amber