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We recommend you
Shining 3D Metrology Freescan Combo 3D scanner
17998.80€ Incl Tax
Not available
Compact metrology 3D scanner
Blue laser and infrared VCSEL
3D scanning of complex objects
Shining 3D Metrology Freescan UE Pro 3D scanner
26398.80€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 5 days
Metrology-grade accuracy
Accuracy up to 0.02 mm
Multiple scanning modes
Shining 3D Transcan C 3D scanner
5278.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
Dual Scan Range
High Color Fidelity
Shining 3D Einscan Pro HD Multifontional 3D scanner
8638.80€ Incl Tax
Product available
High definition 3D scan
More precise for fine details
Hybride 3D scanner Shining 3D Einscan HX Inspect Bundle
19198.80€ Incl Tax
Available Dispatched within 4 days
Blue Laser and LED Scanner
High efficiency, reliable result
Portable and easy operation
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