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CNC Router Shopbot Desktop Pack complet

CNC Router Shopbot Desktop Pack complet
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Buy a Shopbot Desktop CNC machine

Choose from two base platforms:

the Desktop Package with Router [Porter Cable 2 1/4hp Router] or the Desktop Package with Industrial Spindle [HSD 1hp spindle]

  • XYZ Movement: 24" x 18" x 5.5" (609.6mm x 457.2mm x 139.7mm)
  • Cutting Volume: 24” x 18” x 3.5” (609.6mm x 457.2mm x 88.9mm) [e.g. with 2" long cutter]
  • Footprint with Router: 36" x 32" x 30"(h)
  • Footprint with Spindle: 39" x 32" x 30"(h) [Spindle VFD fits to right side of gantry]
  • Weight: 102 lbs [without router/spindle]
  • Frame: Welded aluminum, precision ground guide surfaces
  • Deck: Aluminum "T" slot extrusion [removable]
  • Linear Bearings: Fully supported precision linear guides and blocks on each axis [THK]
  • Drive System: Motors with integral, precision-coated lead screw with anti-backlash technology on each axis [Haydon Switch & Instrument]
  • Integral guard and dustskirt
  • Cut Speed: 4 inches per second (100mm/sec)
  • Jogging Speed: 6 inches per second (150mm/sec)
  • Resolution: 0.00025” (.00635mm)
  • Electrical System Requirements: 120V @ 15Amps [router or spindle]
  • ShopBot Control System software to run your CNC
  • Each new ShopBot comes bundled with two powerful software programs to create CNC projects.
  • Includes simple, quick-start set-up guide
  • Desktop can be ordered with a CE Package

[View computer requirements]

ModelNominal Cutting Area* Total Tool Movement Area*  Footprint** Price
 Desktop 24-18
 24" x 18" x 3.5"
.61m x .46m x .089m
24" x 18" x 5.5"
.61m x .46m x .14m
Router 36" x 32" x 30"
.91m x .81m x .76m
Spindle 39" x 32" x 30"
.99m x .81m x .76m
*Nominal Cutting area and Total Movement Area refer to the areas that can be covered using a single z-axis.
**Spindle VFD fits to the right side of the gantry

Desktop Enclosures



  • Desktop Mini Enclosure allows you to keep hands safely out of your Desktop cutting area, and help keep chips and dust off your floor with the Desktop Mini Enclosure. Easily attaches to ShopBot Desktop t-slot deck with included hardware. The front of the enclosure is easily removed and can be hung by the top lip from the lower edge of the tool for access to the tool bed. Enclosure is made from Duraplex- Impact resistant acrylic. Color shown in product rendering is for display purposes only, actual product is clear. (#10449) Desktop Mini Enclosure; PRICE $195


  • Desktop Full Enclosure is made of aluminum and acrylic, reduces noise and dust for Desktops in high traffic, community work spaces. It keeps hands safely away from the cutting area. For additional saftey the spindle automatically turns off when the enclosure door is opened. (#003369) Desktop Full Enclosure; PRICE $995 - Please Call Sales (888-680-4466) For More Information

Add WidgetWorks Unlimited Specialty Bits

  • The Plotter Pen Bit allows you to draw like a plotter. Draw signatures, logos or other images. Print large parts to scale before cutting expensive material.
  • The Drag Knife Bit enables you to cut adhesive-backed sign vinyl, paper, cardboard and thin plastics (up to 1/32”). Create vehicle graphics, professional-quality signs, banners, magnets or parts from thin plastics.
  • The Diamond Drag Engraving Bit allows you to engrave plastic, metal, glass and stone. Engrave signatures, logos or artwork. Create custom brass name tags for trophies/plaques or permanently engrave serial numbers and ID.
  • You can also add ShopBot’s 3D digitizing probe to make a copy of an object in 3D. Duplicate an existing 3D shape or a piece of decorative trim or molding. Very useful for luthiers, furniture makers and restoration work.

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