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BASF Ultracur3D® CK Color kit solution

BASF Ultracur3D® CK Color kit solution
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The color kit solution allows parts to be printed in a wide range of colors without the need for post-processing. The color range: Ultracur3D® CK 01 White, Ultracur3D® CK 02 Yellow, Ultracur3D® CK 03 Cyan, Ultracur3D® CK 04 Magenta and Ultracur3D® CK 06 Black.









Instructions for use



1. Shake the Color Kit well before use. Pigment dispersions will often show some settling over time.


2. Determine the amount of Color Kit.


3. Mix the clear resin with the Color Kit:


  • Option 1: Using an external mixer, simply mix until the mixture appears homogeneous. For example 1500 rpm for 15-30 minutes. It is recommended to do this in a UV-free room (orange light).
  • Option 2: Add the required amount of Color kit to the base resin in its original container (bottle) and stir until homogeneous.

4. Determine the appropriate print parameters and start printing.







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