Machines-3D Filament Nylon PA12 + Glass Fiber 1,75mm 500g Natural

Machines-3D Filament Nylon PA12 + Glass Fiber 1,75mm 500g Natural
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 Nylon - Glass Fiber






Weight: 500g
Temperature: 255 / 265°C

Speed: 40 mm / seconde

Heated Bed: 80-100°C, Hood et panels necessary
Cooling fan: OFF - 50%
Raft: suggested

Spool diameter : Int 55mm – Ext 200mm

Glass fibre content : 15%


The filament is delivered in an individual protective cardboard, under vacuum with dry pellets.




Our filament is composed of Nylon mixed with Glass Fiber. Dedicated to print translucant object with awesome mecanical properties, high resistance to traction, to high temperature. This material also has a high resistance to salt, acides and base.

























Important Information


Carbon fiber is of an abrasive nature. Regular use may result in more pronounced nozzle wear and may require replacement.







3D Printers Zortrax

3D Printers Tiertime

3D Printers Raise3D
3D Printers ZMorph

3D Printers Intamsys

Makerbot Replicator 2X
Makerbot Replicator 2
and the majority of 3D printers in market.

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     • 1 Spool of filament Nylon + Glass Fiber 500g Natural

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