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MEK solvant Methylethylcetone 1L

MEK thinner Methylethylcetone 1L
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MEK Thinner (Methylethylcetone) is useful for smoothing your 3D printed parts, it is for use with your ZORTRAX APOLLER.


The MEK works perfectly on HIPS filaments (Z-HIPS or HIPS all brands) to erase the streak effect of 3D printing. The MEK also smoothes the Z-ULTRAT, Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-ABS and in general all ABS filaments (ABS and ABS + 3D-Machines).


In addition to giving a finished look to your printed parts, a smoothing post-treatment with this type of solvent allows:


- to improve the mechanical characteristics of surfaces of your room

- to improve the tightness of the room

- avoid friction on sliding or moving parts


RESERVED FOR PROFESSIONAL USERS with a suitable device such as the Zortrax APOLLER or a suitable ventilation system.



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     • 1 bottle 1L of a thinner containing Methylethylcetone

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