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Vacuum kit for filaments Esun eVacuum

Vacuum kit for filaments Esun eVacuum
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Esun eVacuum 3D printing filament vacuum kit is a new portable home vacuum device for vacuum storage of filaments. It is especially recommended for materials with high water absorption rate, such as PVA, PA, PA-CF, PA-GF, ABS, TPU-95A, etc.



  Dimensions de la pompe
  165 x 35 x 35 mm


  Bobines compatibles

  0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG in diameters of










Esun eVacuum in video



Video Esun eVacuum, how to use








Esun Vacuum kit for 3D printing filaments





You can use this kit to store your filament spools when they are tapped. This prevents the filament from absorbing water during storage. A water-laden filament does affect the print quality.


The kit has passed BPA-FREE and FDA certification, certifying food grade, safe and environmentally friendly materials.



Advantages of vacuuming filaments spools :



  • The vacuum bag adopts high performance double-sealing design and one-sided embossing treatment. It guarantees excellent sealing and saves time and effort in pumping air.
  • The vacuum bag is made of FDA certified BPA-free food grade PE+PA composite material, strong and durable, recyclable, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The vacuum bag is specially designed for 3D printing filaments, it can fit 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG packages of 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filaments.
  • The included moisture tester is very sensitive and can be used repeatedly. This way you can know the drying and moisture content of the filaments at any time.









Kit content



Air pump x1

Vacuum bag x10

Humidity indicator card x15

Dimensions : 16.5x3.5x3.5cm

Weight : 50g

Materials : ABS + silicone

Air suction : ≥8L/min

Size : 30x34cm

Materials : PA+PE, certified by BPA and FDA

Thickness : 0.085mm

Storage temperature : -20 à 85℃

Humidity sensor card, environmentally friendly, indication range 10%~60%.

When the humidity of the environment around the humidity indicator card reaches a certain value, the corresponding indicator point on the indicator card changes from brown to light blue.

When the indicator point turns gray (between brown and light blue), the value of the indicator point is the current ambient humidity. (See image below)

Others : sealing clips x2, dessicant x15

Notice :

When humidity reaches 50%, it is recommended to replace the desiccant.

Store in a cool, dry environment; avoid direct sunlight and water.

The humidity card can be reused after being dried in an oven or with hot air.







Vacuum your filaments spools in just 4 intuitives steps !




Step 1


Place the 3D filaments, moisture indicator card and desiccant in the vacuum bag.


Step 2


Evacuate as much air as possible by hand, then close the bag with a clip closure.


Step 3


With the suction pump, aim the air valve, suck in the gas, apply the valve once by hand and flatten the plastic.


Step 4 


Store in a cool, dry environment.









Content of the order


     • 1 hand pump
     • 10 vacuum bags
     • 15 hymidity indicator cards
     • 2 sealing clips
     • 15 desiccants​