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Pack Up Mini 2 + Sense 2

Pack Easy : Up!Mini + Sense - 3d printer + 3d scanner pack - machines-3d
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The UpMini 2 has finally arrived!


Worthy of its predecessor, recognized for its reliability and accessibility, UpMini 2 brings us a modern design , increased accuracy , remodeled software and surprising options, touch screen, WIFI access, HEPA filtration!


At home or in the classroom, it has all the keys to meet your expectations and help you in your projects at a low cost!



  150 microns (0,15 mm/couche)


   Dimensions of platform
   120 x 120 x 120 mm


  Up to 110mm/seconde


  Compatible Materials
  ABS UP / ABS Zortrax / PLA UP / ABS Machines-3D











New Features









UP Mini 2 is equipped with a 10 cm LCD touch screen that allows you to manage your prints easily and can also send your print files via WIFI!










Has a HEPA filter and completely covered, the noxiousness in ABS are filtered and the odors are reduced !












The plate calibration is now automatic !















The printing accuracy is increased to 150 microns ( 0.15mm / layer).














Physical Changes






The dimensions of the small stormtrooper remain the same while the spool support is now external.

Also enclosed, it has a small 3D Printing toolbox in its lower part.










It has been redesigned to have a look that is very futurist, yet very functional. Handles were added to make it easier to transport. It is fully covered and has glass doors on both sides of the printer which can be used to monitor ongoing printing !









Spécifications techniques



Printing :


Printing Technology: FDM

Print Volume : 120x120x120mm Single printhead

Accuracy: 0.15 / 0.20 / 0.25 / 0.30 / 0.35mm

Auto-generated smart support

Calibration of the automatic platform.

HEPA air filtration


Software :


UP software

Compatible formats: stl , UPP3 , UPP

Connectivity : USB, WiFi

Operating system: Win XP / 7 /8/10 , Mac OS

Power source : 50-60Hz , 90W, 110-24VAC



Mécanical :


Chassis: Metal and plastic, fully enclosed

Weight: 8kg

Dimensions: 255x365x385mm
















Get the best 3d printer and 3d scanner at home !


More than 350€ tx incl off on this PACK



  •  Up Mini 2 3D printer :





Voir l'intégralité de ce qui est compris avec votre imprimante ici




  • 3D Scanner Sense Cubify V2




Plus de détails sur votre Scanner Sense de Cubify ici



Customer reviews
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Product rating: 4.6667/5 note
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Customer reviews 24/11/2014
Imprimante Up mini en cours de test. Scanner 3D déjà connu. Par contre, erreur d'envoi du mode d'emploi du Makerbot et non du Sensé de 3D Systems !
Customer reviews 26/07/2014
scanner difficile d'utilisation
Customer reviews 29/05/2014
pack sympa pour commencer à la fois l imprimante et le scanner pour faire ses propres modeles