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Up box 3d printer – buy tiertime up box 3d printer - machines-3d
1490.00€ +Tx
Product available
100 microns
255 x 205 x 205 mm
ABS + PLA + Free Configuration
Tiertime UP300 3D Printer
2090.00€ +Tx
Product available
50 microns
05 x 255 x 225 mm
ABS, PLA, techniques
Tiertime UP300D Dual Extrusion 3D Printer
2749.00€ +Tx
Product available
Dual Extrusion
05 x 255 x 225 mm
ABS, PLA, TPU, techniques
Tiertime UP600 3D Printer
7990.00€ +Tx
Product available
Large print volume
500 x 400 x 600 mm
ABS, PLA, TPU, etc.
Tiertime UP600 Dual extrusion 3D Printer
8990.00€ +Tx
Product available
Double extrusion
Large print volume
500 x 400 x 600 mm
ABS, PLA, TPU, etc.
Tiertime X5 3D Printer
3690.00€ +Tx
Product available
50 microns
180 x 230 x 200 mm
ABS, PLA, technicals
Tiertime UP mini 2 ES 3D Printer
690.00€ +Tx
Not available
150 microns
120 x 120 x 120 mm
Tiertime Filament Dryer
159.00€ +Tx
Product available
Filament dryer
Double-wall structured
Fast and easy to use
Pack "Mini" Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES + Creality CR-SCAN 01
1081.10€ +Tx1138.00€ +Tx
'MINI' education pack
3D Scanner Creality CR-SCAN 01
3D Printer Tiertime UP MINI 2 ES
STARTER Pack 3D printing + post-processing
4765.22€ +Tx5123.90€ +Tx
Post-Processing Pack
Tiertime UP300, Modifi3D
Paint Booth
ULTIME Pack 3D printing + post-processing
10252.22€ +Tx11023.90€ +Tx
Post-Processing Pack
Tiertime UP600, Modifi3D
Paint Booth
Basic maintenance package - STARTER
4289.62€ +Tx4612.50€ +Tx
Basic maintenance package
Tiertime UP300, Steel nozzle,
PP+GF30, Einscan SP,
Filament Dryer
Expert Maintenance Pack - ULTIMATE
14742.36€ +Tx15852.00€ +Tx
Expert Maintenance Pack
Intamsys Funmat HT, CuCrZr Nozzle,
CF-PEKK-A, Filament Dryer
Pack Reverse-Eng Einscan Pro HD
Up plus 2 3d printer - pp3d up! tiertime 3d printer - machines-3d
850.00€ +Tx
Product available
150 microns
140 x 140 x 140 mm
Refurbished Tiertime UP300 3D Printer
1650.00€ +Tx2090.00€ +Tx
Product available
24% off
Education bundle Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES + Shining 3D Einscan SE
1596.00€ +Tx1680.00€ +Tx
Education Bundle
3D printer UP Mini 2 ES
Scanner 3D Einscan SE

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