» » » Filament Zortrax Z-FLEX 1,75mm 800g Black

Filament Zortrax Z-FLEX 1,75mm 800g Black

Filament Zortrax Z-FLEX 1,75mm 800g Black
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The Zortrax filament Z-FLEX for Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer that can be 3D printed at a relatively fast rate of 45 mm/s. This filament has great interlayer adhesion and dimensional tolerance. Z-FLEX is elastic, can bend without breaking, and is resistant to various chemicals including gasoline, ethyl alcohol, butane, and carbon monoxide. perfect for 3D printable objects intended to be bent frequently like tires, elastic hinges, or gaskets. The filament Z-FLEX can maintain its integrity in temperatures as low as -40°C. It's perfect for 3D printed objects intended to use in very cold environments.



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Z-FLEX in video

Timelapse of 3D Printing a Prototype Tire with Z-Flex filament on Zortrax M200 Plus 3D Printer









Example de 3D printed models

with Zortrax filament Z-FLEX













The optimal temperature of 3D printing





Z-PLA Pro  205 - 210 °C 30 - 40 °C
Z-ABS 260 - 280 °C 80 °C
Z-HIPS 240 - 260 °C 80 °C
Z-ULTRAT 240 - 260 °C 80 °C
Z-ASA Pro 240 - 260 °C 65 °C
Z-PETG 225 - 255 °C 30 °C
Z-ESD 270 - 290 °C 70 °C
Z-GLASS 240 - 260 °C 30 °C
Z-PCABS 280 - 290 °C 85 °C
Z-FLEX 220 - 240 °C 50 °C
Z-NYLON 250 - 270 °C 85 °C


* This information is given as an indication, provided by the manufacturer. Nozzle and heatbed temperatures may vary depending on the 3D printer used.













  • Elastic hinges
  • Gaskets
  • Rubber-like figurines
  • Prototypes of tires
  • Bands
  • Phone cases













Technical specifications



Properties Metric Imperial ISO Standard

Elongation at break



ISO 527:1998

Resistance to Surface Abrasion

95 mg

1.46 gr

D1044 (wheel H-18)

Shore Hardness (D)

31 31

ISO 868:1998










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